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Dying of the Light (Heroes) Quotes

Dying of the Light (Heroes) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Dying of the Light ended its run in 1970.

Dying of the Light (Heroes) Quotes

  • (Arthur Petrelli) "Feels good to breathe again."
  • (Matt Parkman) "Okay, turtle, you got me home. So now we just need to find Daphne, save her life, get her to fall in love with me. So you just give me a sign -- Can't believe I'm talking to a turtle."
  • (Matt Parkman) "High five, turtle --"
  • (Daphne Millbrook) "Just so you know; it's not easy catching a precog."
  • (Hiro Nakamura) "Why is that?"
  • (Daphne Millbrook) "They see you coming."
  • (Daphne Millbrook) "I have to go back, I don't have a choice."
  • (Matt Parkman) "But you don't trust these people."
  • (Daphne Millbrook) "If you can read my thoughts, then you know that I don't know if I can trust you either."
  • (Matt Parkman) "Forget your thoughts. What is your heart telling you to do?"
  • (Daphne Millbrook) "Same as it always does: keep moving too fast to get caught."
  • (Peter Petrelli) "When I saw you in the future you've -- changed. You found a way to suppress it. How?"
  • (Sylar) "I don't know. But just knowing that I figure it out, just believing it's a possibility gives me hope."
  • (Arthur Petrelli) "You don't have your powers anymore, Peter; because I have them now."
  • (Peter Petrelli) "I know what it feels like now; all this power. I'm the most special."
  • (Claire Bennet) "Show is over."
  • (Daniel Linderman) "You've done so much for us. We've done so much for you; so much that we couldn't do for you any more if you were to leave --"
  • (Hiro Nakamura) "Why does he look familiar?"
  • (Ando Masahashi) "They all look the same to me."
  • (Hiro Nakamura) "That's racist."
  • (Eric Doyle) "'Barbie'."
  • (Eric Doyle) "You will love me, Meredith; I promise you that."

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