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Dunston Checks In Quotes

Dunston Checks In is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Dunston Checks In stopped airing in 1970.

It features Todd Black as producer, Miles Goodman in charge of musical score, and Peter Lyons Collister Alex Quigley as head of cinematography.

Dunston Checks In is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Dunston Checks In is 90 minutes long. Dunston Checks In is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Nathan Davis as Mrs. Dubrow, Rupert Everett as Lord Rutledge, Glenn Shadix as Lionel Spalding, Paul Reubens as La Farge, Graham Sack as Brian, Eric Lloyd as Kyle Grant, Jason Alexander as Robert Grant, and Nathan Davis as Victor.

Dunston Checks In Quotes

Glenn Shadix as Lionel Spalding

  • (Glenn Shadix) "His name is Neil after Neil Armstrong"
  • (Glenn Shadix) "the first man on the moon, yes he was."
  • (Glenn Shadix) "Why does everyone in this hotel slapping me?"

Nathan Davis as Victor

  • (Nathan Davis) "Where did it come from?"
  • (Paul Reubens) "Well, when two orangutans fall in love --"
  • (Jason Alexander) "I think she means how did it get into the hotel."
  • (Nathan Davis) "I like psychotic people. They get things done."
  • (Nathan Davis) "Why is he talking to his crutch?"

Jason Alexander as Robert Grant

  • (Jason Alexander) "You got to get out of here. Mrs. Dubrow hates kids. She once kicked Big Bird in the nuts."
  • (Jason Alexander) "Holy Shit."
  • (Unnamed) "He must really hate The Four Seasons."
  • (Jason Alexander) "I will give you one week paid vacation if you go running out of this office crying."
  • (Unnamed) "Hoo hoo hoo hoo. Ahhhhh."
  • (Jason Alexander) "Kyle, I know you're upset about the vacation, but that is no excuse to throw a guest's dog into the garbage."
  • (Eric Lloyd) "I didn't throw him in the garbage."
  • (Jason Alexander) "Then, what happened? No, no, don't tell me, let me guess. You decided to give him a coffee-ground bath to improve his coat."
  • (Eric Lloyd) "He jumped off the dog walk."
  • (Jason Alexander) "The dog is suicidal? Is that what you're trying to tell me?"
  • (Eric Lloyd) "He smelled the monster on the ledge and jumped over."
  • (Jason Alexander) "Oh, it makes perfect sense now. He smelled the monster on the ledge. It is the smelly ledge monster."

Rupert Everett as Lord Rutledge

  • (Rupert Everett) "Where do you keep your champagne? Near the furnace?"
  • (Rupert Everett) "From the look of my soup I'd say someone in your kitchen has a serious hair loss problem."

Graham Sack as Brian

  • (Graham Sack) "Well, if your going to be grounded in a 5-star hotel it is the place to be."
  • (Graham Sack) "Dad's gonna kill you when he finds that you lost his camcorder."
  • (Eric Lloyd) "I didn't lose it. The gorilla did."
  • (Graham Sack) "All right, the gorilla."
  • (Eric Lloyd) "When we get back, you'll see."

Paul Reubens as La Farge

  • (Man at Table) "Can I help you with somethin', son?"
  • (Paul Reubens) "I'm lookin' for a Pongo Pygmaeus."
  • (Man at Table) "I catch you lookin' at my wife's "Pongo Pygmaeus" once more, I'm gonna break you in half."
  • (Paul Reubens) "Right."
  • (Paul Reubens) "Dunston, I'm sorry. I was only trying to do my job. I didn't mean any harm. Do you forgive me?"
  • (Paul Reubens) "I deserved that."

Eric Lloyd as Kyle Grant

  • (Eric Lloyd) "Hello Mr. Dubrow. Wheres Mrs. Dubrow?"
  • (Nathan Davis) "Scouting hotels in Alaska."

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