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Du Barry Was a Lady (film) Quotes

Du Barry Was a Lady (film) is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Du Barry Was a Lady ended its run in 1970.

It features Arthur Freed as producer, Cole Porter in charge of musical score, and Karl Freund as head of cinematography.

Du Barry Was a Lady (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Du Barry Was a Lady (film) is 96 minutes long. Du Barry Was a Lady (film) is distributed by Loews Cineplex Entertainment.

The cast includes: Louise Beavers as Niagara, Gene Kelly as Alec Howe, Lucille Ball as May Daly, Virginia O'Brien as Ginny, Red Skelton as Louis Blore, Clara Blandick as Old lady, and Rags Ragland as Charlie.

Du Barry Was a Lady (film) Quotes

Louise Beavers as Niagara

  • (Louise Beavers) "Why, he's got more lettuce than in a victory garden."
  • (Louise Beavers) "Land's sakes, what's he trying to do, landscape you?"
  • (Louise Beavers) "What are you doing, playing one-nighters in dressing rooms?"

Rags Ragland as Charlie

  • (Rags Ragland) "Hey, Slim. Watch your hat? Watch your derby?"
  • (Rags Ragland) "That's OK, he's snapping back to abnormal now."
  • (Rags Ragland) "We'll slip him a Rooney."
  • (Red Skelton) "A Rooney? What's that?"
  • (Rags Ragland) "It's a high-powered Mickey."

Virginia O'Brien as Ginny

  • (Madame Du Barry) "He's mad about me."
  • (Virginia O'Brien) "They're all mad, about you."
  • (Virginia O'Brien) "You never look at me like that."
  • (Red Skelton) "You never look like that."

Gene Kelly as Alec Howe

  • (Gene Kelly) "You're human aren't you?"
  • (Lucille Ball) "I hope not."
  • (Gene Kelly) "Isn't she wonderful?"
  • (Taliostra) "What's so wonderful about her? Take away her eyes, her nose, her lips, and what have you got? A blank expression."
  • (Gene Kelly) "You know, it's too bad May couldn't marry for love and money."
  • (Red Skelton) "You mean sort of a double wedding?"

Red Skelton as Louis Blore

  • (Red Skelton) "She's just excited. She's never married me before."
  • (Red Skelton) "You remind me of one of those girls in Esquire, the ones with clothes on, of course."
  • (Red Skelton) "Money ain't changed me, I'm still lovable."
  • (Red Skelton) "Here's to I, May, and you; the eternal rectangle. If this was back in the glorious days of France, I would be King Louis, May would be Du Barry, and you would be one of the common folks; a peasant."

Lucille Ball as May Daly

  • (Lucille Ball) "I trust my appearance pleases you."

Clara Blandick as Old lady

  • (Clara Blandick) "Next time I get hitched it's for dough."

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