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Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn Quotes

Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn stopped airing in 1970.

It features Shunsuke Kikuchi in charge of musical score, and Toshiharu Takei as head of cinematography.

Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn is recorded in Japanese and originally aired in Japan. Each episode of Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn is 52 minutes long. Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn is distributed by Toei Company.

Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn Quotes

  • (Goku) "You should be proud of yourself. Only Majin Buu has pushed me this far in battle before."
  • (Janempa) "Janemba. Janemba."
  • (Goku) "You act innocent, but you're deadly."
  • (Goku) "It's over, Janemba."
  • (Janempa) "Ja. Nem. Ba. Janemba --"
  • (Goku) "That was weird --"
  • (Videl) "This is really freaky Gohan. What do you think's causing this to happen?"
  • (Gohan) "Hm? I don't know, but it's nothin' that the two of us can't handle and it's a lot better than doin' dishes."
  • (Videl) "That's true --"
  • (Frieza) "I wouldn't get overconfident if I were you. The real battle hasn't even started yet."
  • (Videl) "Huh?"
  • (Gohan) "It's Frieza."
  • (Frieza) "A common stranger knows my name? I see that my illustrious reputation precedes me."
  • (Gohan) "You don't recognize me, but I'm no stranger. I fought with you on Namek years ago."
  • (Frieza) "What's that? -- Ah. You're that little brat, aren't you?"
  • (Gohan) "I see that you've forgotten my name. Allow me to remind you. I am son of Goku, guardian of all that is good. Gohan."
  • (Videl) "Well done. Remember that one, Gohan."
  • (Frieza) "I'd love to kill Goku -- but killing his son is the next best thing."
  • (Vegeta) "How many times do I have to tell you, that if anyone's going to end your existence, it's going to be me."
  • (Goku) "Vegeta? But how?"
  • (Vegeta) "I've been trying to answer that question myself, Kakarot. I don't know how I got my body back. It was as if death was a dream and I just woke up."
  • (Goku) "Uh -- it must have something to do with the check-in station being out of commission --"
  • (Vegeta) "It doesn't matter. I'm here and I'm ready to fight. That's that. Now stay back while I handle this."
  • (Goku) "But he's strong. I don't think he can be beat."
  • (Vegeta) "Hmm. Don't worry. I have one thing in my favor. I have nothing to lose."
  • (Goku) "What do you mean? Don't say that."
  • (Vegeta) "You've been good, Kakarot. I haven't. The afterlife quite frankly sucks for me. Fighting him will be a piece of cake. Anything's better than my existence here."
  • (Hitler) "Kill them. Fire. Dummkopf. Shoot them down. They are no match for us. They are inferior."
  • (Goten) "Are we inferior?"
  • (Trunks) "No. Look at him. He can't fly and we're almost as tall as he is."
  • (Goten) "Yeah, and he's full grown."
  • (Vegeta) "Fuse with you? I'd rather die."
  • (Goku) "But Vegeta, you're already dead."
  • (Enma Daiou) "When the check-in station shuts down, there will be no barrier between dimensions. The heavens will no longer be protected and the gates of hell will be wide open. The dead will walk among the living and the living among the dead."
  • (Hitler) "Achtung. This is your new ruler speaking. Surrender or die. Aha -- I love this -- it's been too long. Do not resist. This country now belongs to me."
  • (Trunks) "That guy's nuts."
  • (Goten) "Hey, you can't call dibs on a whole country."
  • (Hitler) "Ready, aim, fire."
  • (Trunks) "That little maniac is trying to kill us."
  • (Hitler) "Get them. Schnell."
  • (Trunks) "Hey. Broom lip. See if you can hit me now."
  • (Hitler) "Run him down. Kill him."
  • (Trunks) "Hey. Shame on you. I'm just a kid."
  • (Goten) "Wow. Wowee."
  • (Hitler) "Regroup, men. Attack. Kill."
  • (Trunks) "This guy is too much. He can't read the writing on the wall."
  • (Goten) "Ha. He's funny."
  • (Trunks) "Hey, let's give him a little scare and turn into Super Saiyans."
  • (Hitler) "Grr -- huh? Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Super strength. I should be recruiting them."

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