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Dracula III: Legacy Quotes

Dracula III: Legacy is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Dracula III: Legacy ended in 1970.

It features W.K. Border as producer, Kevin Kliesch in charge of musical score, and Douglas Milsome as head of cinematography.

Dracula III: Legacy is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Dracula III: Legacy is 90 minutes long. Dracula III: Legacy is distributed by Dimension Films.

The cast includes: Rutger Hauer as Dracula, Alexandra Wescourt as Julia Hughes, Jason Scott Lee as Father Uffizi, and Jason London as Luke.

Dracula III: Legacy Quotes

Rutger Hauer as Dracula

  • (Rutger Hauer) "They are no dead here, just the fucked-up dead."
  • (Rutger Hauer) "You know, I never felt this alive in a thousand years."
  • (Rutger Hauer) "Be careful. They will bite."

Alexandra Wescourt as Julia Hughes

  • (Alexandra Wescourt) "Is this your idea of seduction?"
  • (Rutger Hauer) "Seduction?"
  • (Rutger Hauer) "I don't think so."

Jason Scott Lee as Father Uffizi

  • (Jason Scott Lee) "Tell me something. What does it mean "D.G?""
  • (Jason London) "Damaged goods. It was either that or Buffy."
  • (Jason Scott Lee) "He's awoken from death so many times. I wonder if he even remembers how he truly began."
  • (Jason London) "Well, do you know? I mean, how he began."
  • (Jason Scott Lee) "It doesn't matter anymore. What matters now is how he ends."

Jason London as Luke

  • (Jason London) "Uffizi."
  • (Jason Scott Lee) "What?"
  • (Jason London) "You don't really look like an Uffizi. How did you get a name like that anyway?"
  • (Jason Scott Lee) "Came with the job."
  • (Jason London) "So, like if I get the same job, I get a cool name like that?"
  • (Jason London) "How come you never say his name?"
  • (Jason Scott Lee) "He has no name."
  • (Jason London) "Uh -- then what's "Dracula?""
  • (Jason Scott Lee) "A conceit. He keeps returning to it mostly because of the terror it inspires. The creature goes back much further than that."
  • (Jason London) "How much further?"
  • (Jason Scott Lee) "The church has records. Incomplete, obscure. We know he's corrupted every known faith in the world. From Ancient Egypt, Rome, throughout Asia Minor, East Indies, Central Africa. He has as many names as he does faces, all different, but all the same."

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