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Disney's Halloween Treat Quotes

Disney's Halloween Treat is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Disney's Halloween Treat completed its run in 1970.

It features William Robert Yates as producer, and Gene de Paul; Sammy Fain; Don Raye; Paul Smith, "Disney's Halloween Treat", Galen R. Brandt, and John Debney in charge of musical score.

Disney's Halloween Treat Quotes

  • (Narrator) "Once you're in the mood to be scared, almost anything can make your hair stand on end, especially if you already have an over-active imagination."
  • (Cat Judge) "Jury do your duty."
  • (Cat Jury) "And watch us do our stuff."
  • (Cat Jury) "We find the defendant guilty, he's guilty, he's guilty, G-U-I-L-T-Y he's guilty, guilty guilty."
  • (Cat Jury) "Hooray."
  • (Narrator) "There was a mean chapter in history when cats were condemned and persecuted, a dark age, when the world was filled with strange fears and superstitions. It was believed that evil traveled the land in human forms and thousands of innocent people were hanged or burnt at the stake for witchcraft or sorcery. They were condemned by the words of the ignorant, spreading through towns and villages, twisting and turning into fantastic and monsterous tales. These tales became known as legends, one of them held that anyone or anything who traveled by night was an evil spirit and to blame for any sickness in the community."
  • (Madam Mim) "Now, if you don't mind, I'll make the rules."
  • (Archimedes the Owl) "Rules indeed, why she only wants rules so she can break them."
  • (Madam Mim) "I'll deal with you later, feather brain."
  • (Madam Mim) "Rule 1, no mineral or vegetable, only animals. Rule 2, no make believe things like oh -- pink dragons and stuff. Rule 3, NO disappearing."
  • (Merlin) "Rule 4, no cheating."
  • (Narrator) "Nobody has pleasant dreams on Halloween, for along with witches and ghouls, nightmares are the order of the evening."
  • (Magic Mirror) "The villain, he's the guy who does his best to give you his worst. The one who gives the hero a chance to be brave. How brave do you think David would be without Goliath? Or Jonah without the whale? Were would Sampson be without Delilah?"

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