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Dark Frontier Quotes

Dark Frontier is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Dark Frontier stopped airing in 1970.

It features David Bell (composer) in charge of musical score.

Dark Frontier Quotes

  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "There are three things to remember about being a starship captain: keep your shirt tucked in, go down with the ship -- and never abandon a member of your crew."
  • (Borg Queen) "We believed you would be an asset to us. We were wrong. You are weak."
  • (Borg Queen) "We won't turn you into a drone. You're much too valuable to us with your individuality intact. But you've left humanity behind. Try to abandon their petty emotions as well. Fear -- anger -- vanity -- They've corrupted you. But the damage can be repaired."
  • (Seven of Nine) "You attacked us. You murdered my family."
  • (Borg Queen) "We did no such thing. We gave them perfection."
  • (Seven of Nine) "Papa?"
  • (Seven of Nine) "Our thoughts are one."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "I agree their methods were unorthodox, but -- that's been true of most great explorers."
  • (The Doctor) "Most explorers don't take their four-year-old daughter along for the ride."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Seven, shut down that field."
  • (Borg Queen) "Don't listen to her. She's poisoned your thoughts long enough."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "I'm giving you an order."
  • (Borg Queen) "One order, one voice. Insignificant."
  • (Borg Queen) "We don't want another drone. We want you."
  • (Seven of Nine) "I will resist."
  • (Borg Queen) "I know."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "We'll be searching for one individual among thousands of drones. But she's one of us; and I'm not about to let her go."
  • (Annika Hansen) "Are we gonna be a-simulated?"
  • (Borg Queen) "Seven of Nine; be efficient."
  • (Seven of Nine) "The Borg believed I was unique, that I understood Humanity. They were obviously mistaken."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "How so?"
  • (Seven of Nine) "I've betrayed the crew of Voyager, threatened you with assimilation. I did not expect you to return for me."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Looks like you still have a few things to learn."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "I realize the two of you weren't exactly close. Regardless, we just lost one of our own."
  • (B'Elanna Torres) "She was never one of our own, Captain. Didn't she just prove that?"
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "I don't know what happened on that sphere, and neither do you, Lieutenant."
  • (Borg Queen) "You've changed. Your exo-plating, your ocular implant. They've taken you apart; and they've recreated you in their own image. Hair, garments. But at the core, you are still mine."
  • (Seven of Nine) "The Borg have changed as well. I expected re-assimilation, not conversation."
  • (Borg Queen) "I see they've also given you a sense of humor."
  • (Seven of Nine) "My humor is my own."
  • (Borg Queen) "Spoken like a true individual."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Let her go, or I'll give the order to fire."
  • (Borg Queen) "You would be destroyed as well, along with your crewman."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Better than being one of you."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "What's running through that collective mind of yours? You've got thousands of species to choose from, billions of individuals. Why Seven of Nine? You should've assimilated us while you had the chance."
  • (Borg Queen) "Congratulations."
  • (Seven of Nine) "Regarding?"
  • (Borg Queen) "Assimilation is complete."
  • (Seven of Nine) "300,000 individuals have been transformed into drones. Should they be congratulated as well?"
  • (Borg Queen) "They should be. They've left behind their trivial, selfish lives, and they've been reborn with a greater purpose. We've delivered them from chaos into order."
  • (Seven of Nine) "Comforting words. Use them next time instead of "Resistance is futile". You may elicit a few volunteers."
  • (Borg Queen) "We want you to be our eyes. Let us see Humanity."
  • (Borg Queen) "Stop resisting. Take pleasure in this."
  • (Seven of Nine) "I will not take pleasure in the destruction of a race."
  • (Borg Queen) "Human sentiment. Compassion, guilt, empathy; they're irrelevant."
  • (Seven of Nine) "Not to me."
  • (Borg Queen) ""Me"? There is no 'me'. There is only 'us'. One mind."
  • (Seven of Nine) "My thoughts are my own."

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