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Crossroads (1986 film) Quotes

Crossroads (1986 film) is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Crossroads ended in 1970.

It features Mark Carliner as producer, Ry Cooder in charge of musical score, and John Bailey (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Crossroads (1986 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Crossroads (1986 film) is 96 minutes long. Crossroads (1986 film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Joe Seneca as Willie Brown, Ralph Macchio as Eugene Martone, Jami Gertz as Frances, and Robert Judd as Scratch.

Crossroads (1986 film) Quotes

Joe Seneca as Willie Brown

  • (Joe Seneca) "You can't get enough mileage living at home with your Momma' wiping your butt."
  • (Joe Seneca) "Where do you live?"
  • (Ralph Macchio) "It's a school dormitory."
  • (Joe Seneca) "Ooh, school dormitory. Oh, times is hard. Times is hard."
  • (Joe Seneca) "Oh, so the famous long island blues man come back for another visit, huh?"
  • (Ralph Macchio) "I have something that I think you'll be interested in."
  • (Joe Seneca) "OK, Mr. Janitor Man. What you want? I ain't made no mess."
  • (Ralph Macchio) "Willie Brown?"
  • (Joe Seneca) "That's my name."
  • (Joe Seneca) "The blues ain't nothin' but a good man feelin' bad, thinkin' 'bout the woman he once was with."
  • (Joe Seneca) "Is somebody saying he ain't been believing when I've been speaking?"
  • (Ralph Macchio) "That's right, Willie, I'm saying you're full of shit. You know something, everytime you mention Fulton's Point, nobody's ever even heard of the godamned place. And I'm starting to think you're just a con-man who used me just to get your ass out of a nursing home."
  • (Jami Gertz) "Where are you going?"
  • (Joe Seneca) "Look, you smart-assed kids, you don't need me. I do my business on this side of the road, and you white folks do your business on that side; that's the way they get things done in Mississippi."
  • (Joe Seneca) "Why do you want to know about all that stuff?"
  • (Ralph Macchio) "I'm a blues man."
  • (Joe Seneca) "A blues man?"
  • (Joe Seneca) "Where you from, boy?"
  • (Ralph Macchio) "Well, I was born in Long Island."
  • (Joe Seneca) "Oh, Long Island aww shit, this is rich. Long Island: the famous 'breeding ground' for blues men."
  • (Joe Seneca) "They find out I can walk, they take away my Pontiac."
  • (Joe Seneca) "Where I come from, you don't blow no harp, you don't get no pussy."

Ralph Macchio as Eugene Martone

  • (Ralph Macchio) "Where and when for this thing?"
  • (Robert Judd) "Ohh, I can get us there real quick -- Jack Butler's gonna like you."
  • (Ralph Macchio) "What are you doing?"
  • (Joe Seneca) "I'm changin' my tie, and I could use some help."
  • (Ralph Macchio) "I oughtta choke ya."
  • (Joe Seneca) "You do and you get knocked on your ass."
  • (Ralph Macchio) "Willie, here's something from the Delta, tell me this isn't Son House."
  • (Joe Seneca) "Sounds like bird shit."
  • (Ralph Macchio) "Look Willie, cut the shit, all right? Now, I'm serious about this song."
  • (Joe Seneca) "The only shit to cut around here is you. Now I had it in me that you was another 'Lightning Boy', but you just a chicken-ass."
  • (Joe Seneca) "Chicken-ass, chicken shit."

Jami Gertz as Frances

  • (Jami Gertz) "Blind Dog and Lightning Boy? Who the hell are you guys supposed to be?"
  • (Ralph Macchio) "We're bluesmen --"
  • (Joe Seneca) "I'm the bluesman, he's from Long Island."

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