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Come See the Paradise Quotes

Come See the Paradise is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Come See the Paradise completed its run in 1970.

It features Robert F. Colesberry as producer, Randy Edelman in charge of musical score, and Michael Seresin as head of cinematography.

Come See the Paradise is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Come See the Paradise is 138 minutes long. Come See the Paradise is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Caroline Junko King as Older Mini McGann, Tamlyn Tomita as Lily Yuriko Kawamura, Dennis Quaid as Jack McGurn, Stan Egi as Charlie Kawamura, Tamlyn Tomita as Fumiko, and Akemi Nishino as Dulcie Kawamura.

Come See the Paradise Quotes

Caroline Junko King as Older Mini McGann

  • (Caroline Junko King) "Did you have a big wedding with Mama and Papa Kawamura? And Dulcie and Frankie and --"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "No. No, we couldn't."
  • (Caroline Junko King) "Why?"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Well, for a start, Japanese aren't allowed to marry non-Japanese in the state of California."
  • (Caroline Junko King) "Why?"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Because it was against the California laws."
  • (Caroline Junko King) "So where did you go?"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Seattle."
  • (Caroline Junko King) "Why did you go to Seattle?"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "'Cause it's not California. We could get married there."
  • (Caroline Junko King) "Why are we so early?"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "It's good to early."
  • (Caroline Junko King) "Do you ever worry that you won't recognize him, Mama?"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "You recgnize me, don't you?"
  • (Caroline Junko King) "Well, he might have grown a beard or a moustache or something. And I was so little. I only think I remember him. Do you think he'll remember me?"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Well, he has all your photographs and all the letters you wrote him, and he has all your school reports"
  • (Caroline Junko King) "You sent him my school reports?"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Of course I did. I wanted to let him know how well you were doing. Come on, now. I got some tea and rice cakes here. We'll have a nice talk while we're walking, okay? Let's go."
  • (Caroline Junko King) "How far do we have to walk?"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Not far."
  • (Caroline Junko King) "If we have so much time, then why are you walking so fast? I shouldn't have worn these new shoes. I think I have a blister. Mama."
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Try not to think about it. You want to look pretty, don't you?"
  • (Caroline Junko King) "Can we talk about Papa?"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Okay."
  • (Caroline Junko King) "What did you wear? Were you pretty?"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Oh, I had a beautiful dress with a lace collar and cuffs. And I wore my hair special, with a bow just like yours."
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "It was a beautiful day. It was the best wedding anyone had ever had. We had flowers. We had champagne. It was the best day of my life."
  • (Caroline Junko King) "What about me?"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "You were born on Christmas Day, 1937. And we called you Minia after Mama Kawamura's sister."

Dennis Quaid as Jack McGurn

  • (Dennis Quaid) "Hey, who was that?"
  • (Stan Egi) "No one worth knowing."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "What, are you kidding?"
  • (Stan Egi) "She's not your type."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Oh, is she your girlfriend or something?"
  • (Stan Egi) "No, no, no. Just a girl."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Just a girl? She's beautiful."
  • (Stan Egi) "She's my sister."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "You told me your sister had a face like a plate of steamed dumplings."
  • (Stan Egi) "You should see her without makeup."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "You told me she was 4 feet tall and squat."
  • (Stan Egi) "Hey, I've got lots of sisters."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "So what are we going to order?"
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Can you read that?"
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Yeah. My Japanese is getting better every day."
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Actually, it's in Chinese. It might help you if you turn your menu up the other way."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Maybe YOU oughta order, I guess."
  • (Unnamed) "Do you have a history of labor union business, M-McGann, is it?"
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Yeah. McGann. No, no I don't. I work at the cannery. I'm a fish masher."
  • (Unnamed) "You people caused quite a stir."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "It was a legal demonstration, sir. Perfectly within the Constitution."
  • (Unnamed) "Well, all that striking stuff is over now, mister. When Japs step on the beach, you think they'll take any notice of your banners? They'll stick a bayonet in your belly, grievance or no grievance. This is America, pal, so remember you're an American. We're at war now."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "What are you talking about?"
  • (Unnamed) "Ain't you heard? The Japs just bombed Pearl Harbor."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "I agree to hand out a bundle of leaflets, and you act as if I'm going out to kill someone."
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Because you know one thing will lead to another, and it'll make you crazy. You can't spit against Heaven, Jack."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Oh, don't give me that Japanese SHIT."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Um, hi. I'm Jack. I work with your brother Charlie. Are you Dulcie?"
  • (Stan Egi) "Lily. Dulcie's my other sister."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Hi, Lily."
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Hello."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "We were just wondering if you would like to join us for lunch."
  • (Stan Egi) "HE was wondering."
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "What?"
  • (Stan Egi) "Don't come with us."
  • (Stan Egi) "Look, I'm in a hurry. She's busy. Let's go."
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "I can have lunch."
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "I can."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Great."
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Don't do anything I wouldn't do --"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "You have a big mouth, Fumiko."

Akemi Nishino as Dulcie Kawamura

  • (Akemi Nishino) "You let him kiss you just like that? In a Chop Suey restaurant? Are you going to tell Mama?"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "No. And neither are you."
  • (Akemi Nishino) "You going to go dancing?"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Mm-hmm. Maybe."
  • (Akemi Nishino) "You going to kiss him again?"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Maybe."
  • (Akemi Nishino) "You going to do -- it?"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Do what?"
  • (Akemi Nishino) "You know -- IT."
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Dulcie, I just met him."
  • (Akemi Nishino) "You kissed him in the chop suey restaurant, for goodness sake."
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Well, if I did, I certainly wouldn't tell YOU."
  • (Akemi Nishino) "I guess this means you're not going to marry Mr. Fujioka"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "No, I'm not."
  • (Akemi Nishino) "Papa's going to kill you if he finds out."

Tamlyn Tomita as Lily Yuriko Kawamura

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