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Columbus (2017 film) Quotes

Columbus (2017 film) is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Columbus stopped airing in 1970.

It features Danielle Renfrew Behrens, Aaron Boyd, Giulia Caruso, Ki Jin Kim, Andrew Miano, and Chris Weitz as producer, Hammock (band) in charge of musical score, and Elisha Christian as head of cinematography.

Columbus (2017 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Columbus (2017 film) is 104 minutes long. Columbus (2017 film) is distributed by Sundance Institute.

The cast includes: John Cho as Jin, and Parker Posey as Eleanor.

Columbus (2017 film) Quotes

John Cho as Jin

  • (John Cho) "I think religions are like monarchies. There might be a good king here and there -- but the system is problematic. Too easy to exploit."
  • (Casey) "So you're anti-monarchy?"
  • (Casey) "Thanks -- for everything."
  • (John Cho) "Thank you -- for being here"
  • (Casey) "I hope my mom's gonna be okay."
  • (John Cho) "She's gonna be all right. She wants this for you. Caseey, she's so proud of you."
  • (Casey) "I feel bad leaving you, too. You gotta keep my posted, okay?"
  • (John Cho) "I will. But you need to stop feeling bad."
  • (Casey) "Yeah -- so do you."
  • (John Cho) "Maybe."
  • (Casey) "Think I'm gonna quit smoking."
  • (John Cho) "Yeah?"
  • (Casey) "Yeah."
  • (John Cho) "It's probably a good idea."
  • (John Cho) "She's not a fan."
  • (John Cho) "You better get going."
  • (Casey) "I know."
  • (John Cho) "You grow up around something, and it feels like nothing."
  • (John Cho) "Did he tell you that we haven't spoken in over a year?"
  • (Casey) "You're all he has."
  • (John Cho) "That has never been the case."
  • (John Cho) "He has his students, his work."
  • (Casey) "You're his son."
  • (John Cho) "You've been watching too much Korean drama."
  • (Casey) "You speak English."
  • (John Cho) "You don't think Asians can speak English?"
  • (John Cho) "The problem with being a tour guide is that you stop seeking. You become some arbiter of tidbit facts -- that you start repeating over and over."
  • (John Cho) "I don't know if I believe that, you know? That architecture has the power "to heal"."

Parker Posey as Eleanor

  • (Parker Posey) "Professor. Professor. Professor? Professor. Professor. There you are. Thought I lost you."

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