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City on Fire (1987 film) Quotes

City on Fire (1987 film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . City on Fire ended in 1970.

It features Karl Maka as producer, Teddy Robin Kwan in charge of musical score, and Andrew Lau as head of cinematography.

City on Fire (1987 film) is recorded in Cantonese and originally aired in Hong Kong. Each episode of City on Fire (1987 film) is 105 minutes long. City on Fire (1987 film) is distributed by Cinema City & Films Co..

The cast includes: Cheng Mang-Ha as Ko Chow, Sun Yueh as Inspector Lau, and Danny Lee as Fu.

City on Fire (1987 film) Quotes

Cheng Mang-Ha as Ko Chow

Danny Lee as Fu

  • (Danny Lee) "You know, my father was a crook. I got it from him. I just hope my son doesn't turn out like me."
  • (Cheng Mang-Ha) "Is your old man still in jail?"
  • (Danny Lee) "He's been dead for ten years. My father was stupid. He got shot by the police."
  • (Cheng Mang-Ha) "So you despise them?"
  • (Danny Lee) "Not at all. They were just doing their job, so why should I?"

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