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City Heat Quotes

City Heat is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . City Heat ended in 1970.

It features Tony Adams (producer) as producer, Lennie Niehaus in charge of musical score, and Nick McLean as head of cinematography.

City Heat is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of City Heat is 97 minutes long. City Heat is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Burt Reynolds as Mike Murphy, Clint Eastwood as Lt. Speer, Rip Torn as Primo Pitt, Jane Alexander as Addy, and Madeline Kahn as Caroline Howley.

City Heat Quotes

Clint Eastwood as Lt. Speer

  • (Clint Eastwood) "How about a fast game of sleeper?"
  • (Unnamed) "Never heard of it."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Well, it's simple. You go ahead and make your shot and I put you to sleep."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "It wouldn't break my heart at all to scrape the street clean of your ilk. You know what an 'ilk' is, don't ya Dub?"
  • (Dub Slack) "A big deer?"
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Yeah. Now if I catch you loitering around my precinct again I'm gonna shoot me an ilk, do you understand?"

Burt Reynolds as Mike Murphy

  • (Burt Reynolds) "Look, do me a favor, don't save my life anymore."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "My pleasure."
  • (Little Red) "Murphy."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Hi, Marie."
  • (Little Red) "What do you think you're doin'?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "I'm about to do to a couple of hoods what you're about to do to the congressman."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "After we get the information, then you can kill him."
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Ok, I'll come over and buff your body and put a nice glow to your cheeks."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "And I'll bring a nice foot to your ass."

Madeline Kahn as Caroline Howley

  • (Madeline Kahn) "Well, it's about time."

Jane Alexander as Addy

  • (Jane Alexander) "Wow. This really is furniture polish."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Shocking what Prohibition causes some people to drink these days."

Rip Torn as Primo Pitt

  • (Rip Torn) "He says there's a bomb in there."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "Is there?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "Well, two sticks of dynamite and a hand grenade."
  • (Clint Eastwood) "What were you gonna do after you dropped it?"
  • (Burt Reynolds) "I don't know, Ollie."

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