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Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger Quotes

Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger ended its run in 1970.

Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger Quotes

  • (Mary Bartowski) "The Volkoff Program that you and Stephen developed for the Intersect was supposed to last for a few months."
  • (Hartley Winterbottom) "What did I do? I mean, what did Volkoff do for 30 years? -- What kind of man was I?"
  • (Mary Bartowski) "You were very successful in a highly competitive business."
  • (Clyde Decker) "You're all under arrest. Kind of disappointed in you, Bartowski. Thought you could get past me with a few of your spy friends. Should've know I'd bring an army to stop you."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "I know the move -- But we have a move of our own. It's called the "Magnet." You see, while you were looking at me, and all of my spy friends, you're missing something really, really big. Care of Volkoff Industries."
  • (John Casey) "Russians -- so many Russians."
  • (Morgan Grimes) "Freelance spies. Yes. Men, and women, of action and adventure. Under the radar, above the law. Oh, man, this is gonna be so much fun. Just, uh --"
  • (Morgan Grimes) "Huh. Oh, nice. Slick new gig. Slick new shades."
  • (Morgan Grimes) "What could go wrong?"
  • (John Casey) "Morgan. Morgan? Morgan."
  • (John Casey) "Morgan, did you just-?"
  • (Morgan Grimes) "Guys; I know Kung Fu."
  • (Clyde Decker) "You think it was all coincidence? The Intersect, Fulcrum, the Ring, Shaw, Agent X; It was all part of the plan, Bartowski. Pieces on the puzzle board. See ya never, civilian."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Wait. Wait. Wait. What plan? -- Huh? What plan? My life was changed forever. My friends put in danger. My family -- my father was killed, Decker."
  • (Mary Bartowski) "Yes. But he's not you. He's a mean dictatorial, coniving --"
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Manipulative, amoral --"
  • (John Casey) "Limey, but relatively good teeth."
  • (Hartley Winterbottom) "Sounds like I was a monster."
  • (John Casey) "You were."
  • (Hartley Winterbottom) "And you didn't tell me this for a reason? -- My daughter. I made her into me? I made her into Volkoff."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "There's only one person who can get us that antidote. And that's the man who made the damn thing; Volkoff."
  • (John Casey) "Well, Volkoff's in a supermax penitentiary. Take weeks to get clearance."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Well then, I guess we're going to have to break in tonight."
  • (Vivian Volkoff) "What's the trick, Chuck? What's the clever plan to get out out of this?"
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "I'm all out of plans -- The woman I love is dying and all I can do is hope that you haven't totally become this person."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "This is a file that contains all of Project X, the cover up, and your involvement in all of it. If anything happens to Sarah, my friends or family, this story hits the front page of ever paper in the United States."
  • (Clyde Decker) "You're done."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "I quit. Now get out of my way."
  • (Sarah Walker) "Chuck, you're a gift. You're a gift I never dreamed I could want or need. And everyday I will show you that you're a gift that I deserve. You make me the best person I could ever hope to be. And I want to spend, and learn, and love the rest of my life with you."
  • (General Diane Beckman) "Chuck, you realize if you go against Decker, you're going against the CIA. You and Sarah have to disappear forever. You'll never see your family again."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "I'll do anything I need to do to save Sarah."
  • (Clyde Decker) "Name's Decker, Clyde Decker, and I'm informing you of a wash order on the Agent X program and Operation Bartowski."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "What does that mean?"
  • (Clyde Decker) "It means your CIA resources are revoked."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "But Sarah is dying."
  • (Clyde Decker) "I DON'T CARE. Stand down or get buried."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "No."
  • (Clyde Decker) "No?"
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "Let me explain."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "That guy may think he's a hardass, but I'm the Intersect."
  • (Chuck Bartowski) "These are blank identities. They're very rare. And they're very clean. You'd have to giv eup Volkoff Industries. But if you take these, you can start over. Anywhere in the world; both of you."
  • (Hartley Winterbottom) "Charles; h-how are you going to escape?"

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