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Christmas in Connecticut Quotes

Christmas in Connecticut is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Christmas in Connecticut ended its run in 1970.

It features William Jacobs (producer) as producer, Frederick Hollander in charge of musical score, and Carl E. Guthrie as head of cinematography.

Christmas in Connecticut is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Christmas in Connecticut is 102 minutes long. Christmas in Connecticut is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Barbara Stanwyck as Elizabeth Lane, Dennis Morgan as Jefferson Jones, S.Z. Sakall as Felix Bassenak, Reginald Gardiner as John Sloan, Sydney Greenstreet as Alexander Yardley, Robert Shayne as Dudley Beecham, and Dick Elliott as Judge Crowthers.

Christmas in Connecticut Quotes

Sydney Greenstreet as Alexander Yardley

  • (Sydney Greenstreet) "Why, that's strange. He looks different this morning."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Wouldn't you look different if you'd swallowed a watch?"
  • (Sydney Greenstreet) "But he's a blonde, has teeth, and he talks."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Mr. Yardley, this is no time to take inventory."
  • (Sydney Greenstreet) "Good morning; Merry Christmas. I hope I'm in time to see you flip the flapjacks."
  • (Sydney Greenstreet) "What a Christmas. Ho, ho, what a Christmas."

S.Z. Sakall as Felix Bassenak

  • (S.Z. Sakall) "That coat. What's the meaning?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Don't worry, I'm paying for it myself. It'll take my next six months' salary. Nice, isn't it?"
  • (S.Z. Sakall) "Six months' work for a coat?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "All my life I promised myself a mink coat. You know, Felix, it's very important to keep promises, especially to yourself."
  • (S.Z. Sakall) "Do you have to promise so expensively?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "But I need it."
  • (S.Z. Sakall) "You need it? Nobody needs a mink coat but a mink."
  • (S.Z. Sakall) "Everything is hunky-dunky."
  • (S.Z. Sakall) "I had a silk hat when I was in Budapest. It made me feel so fine, but then I got fired with a silk hat."
  • (S.Z. Sakall) "Watch now. I show you how to flip-flop the flop-flips."
  • (S.Z. Sakall) "Catastroph."

Barbara Stanwyck as Elizabeth Lane

  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Everytime I'd opened my mouth he talked. I felt like Charlie McCarthy."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Oh no, John. It's the sailor. He's two hours early. What'll I do."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Maybe scarlet fever. It's a better color for Christmas."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Don't you come near me, you seawolf, after the way you deceived me --"
  • (Dennis Morgan) "I deceived you?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Yes. You're engaged."
  • (Dennis Morgan) "You're married."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "That has nothing to do with it."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Suppose you listen to me for a change? -- I said listen to me. I'm tired of being pushed around. Tired of being told what to do. Tired of writing your god-darned articles. Tired of dancing to everybody else's tune. Tired of being told whom to marry. In short -- I'm tired."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "John, when you're kissing me, don't talk about plumbing."
  • (Reginald Gardiner) "What? Oh, I'm sorry, what should I talk about?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Well, do you have to talk?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Arrange it, are you crazy? Where am I gonna get a farm? I haven't even got a window box."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "The things a girl will do for a mink coat."

Dick Elliott as Judge Crowthers

  • (Dick Elliott) "I suppose you'll give the bride away, Uncle Felix?"
  • (S.Z. Sakall) "Me? I don't give nobody away. Always I keep my mouth shut."

Robert Shayne as Dudley Beecham

  • (Robert Shayne) "Liz, don't waste time with him. You have to decide what you're going to say to the old man."
  • (Reginald Gardiner) "What old man?"
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Oh, it's Yardley. He's sending me a sailor for Christmas."
  • (Reginald Gardiner) "Oh, how nice -- A sailor? Really, Elizabeth."

Reginald Gardiner as John Sloan

  • (Reginald Gardiner) "Having babies to boost your circulation takes time."

Dennis Morgan as Jefferson Jones

  • (Dennis Morgan) "She married my shipmate."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "She did."
  • (Dennis Morgan) "I'm as free as a bird."
  • (Barbara Stanwyck) "Oh, that's what you think."

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