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Carry On Girls Quotes

Carry On Girls is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Carry On Girls ended in 1970.

It features Peter Rogers as producer, Eric Rogers (composer) in charge of musical score, and Alan Hume as head of cinematography.

Carry On Girls is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Carry On Girls is 88 mins long. Carry On Girls is distributed by Rank Organisation.

The cast includes: Barbara Windsor as Hope Springs, Sid James as Sid Fiddler, June Whitfield as Augusta Prodworthy, Kenneth Connor as Mayor Frederick Bumble, Marianne Stone as Miss Drew, Joan Sims as Connie Philpotts, Joan Hickson as Mrs. Dukes, Bernard Bresslaw as Peter Potter, Valerie Leon as Paula Perkins, Wendy Richard as Ida Downs, Robin Askwith as Larry, Peter Butterworth as Admiral, Angela Grant as Miss Bangor, Patricia Franklin as Rosemary, and Zena Clifton as Susan Brooks.

Carry On Girls Quotes

June Whitfield as Augusta Prodworthy

  • (June Whitfield) "And since I am strongly of the opinion that we are already providing more than enough entertainment for visitors, I wish to propose the motion that the provision of more would be detrimental to the good name of the borough."
  • (Sid James) "Knickers."
  • (Kenneth Connor) "Please, Councillor. I should strike that from the minutes, Miss Drew."
  • (Marianne Stone) "Ah, I beg your pardon, your worship?"
  • (Kenneth Connor) "Don't take down 'knickers'."
  • (Sid James) "Chance would be a fine thing, wouldn't it, love?"
  • (Kenneth Connor) "Councillor Fiddler, I really must request you moderate your language while in committee."
  • (June Whitfield) "I second that."
  • (Sid James) "I do beg the Committee's pardon, your worship. But all this bleedin' codswollop about mucking up the good name of the borough gets on my wick."
  • (Marianne Stone) "Should I?"
  • (Kenneth Connor) "No, no."
  • (June Whitfield) "Is that you, Rosemary?"
  • (Patricia Franklin) "Yes."
  • (June Whitfield) "Have you seen this?"
  • (June Whitfield) "Yes; bloody disgrace. Still, what can you expect from a man?"

Bernard Bresslaw as Peter Potter

  • (Unnamed) "Excuse me, is this the train to the beauty contest?"
  • (Bernard Bresslaw) "Yes, that's right."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh good."
  • (Unnamed) "Are you coming?"
  • (Valerie Leon) "Certainly not."
  • (Unnamed) "Perhaps you're right."
  • (Unnamed) "Are you in this one?"
  • (Bernard Bresslaw) "That's right, I am."
  • (Unnamed) "I'll join you then."
  • (Valerie Leon) "You didn't tell me anything about a beauty contest."
  • (Bernard Bresslaw) "I think I'd better go."

Sid James as Sid Fiddler

  • (Sid James) "Connie, have you got a room for this young lady please?"
  • (Joan Sims) "Well, of course, Sidney."
  • (Joan Sims) "I think you'll find this an ideal one."
  • (Sid James) "Thank you, Connie. Hey, just a minute, that's for the broom cupboard."
  • (Joan Sims) "That's right: where we keep all the scrubbers."
  • (Sid James) "All right, all right, keep your hair on."
  • (Sid James) "Here, go and change in mine. I'll sort it out later."
  • (Barbara Windsor) "Ta. I heard that; does she fancy you or something?"
  • (Sid James) "You know how it is, a widow with a place like this, things get on top of her."
  • (Barbara Windsor) "Yeah, I bet they do. Frequently."

Angela Grant as Miss Bangor

  • (Angela Grant) "Excuse me, are you going to Fircombe?"
  • (Bernard Bresslaw) "This train's going there, yes."

Joan Sims as Connie Philpotts

  • (Joan Sims) "You and a bunch of beauty queens? It's like asking Dracula to be in charge of a blood bank."
  • (Sid James) "Now, now, wait a minute, that's not true. You know I don't go for beautiful women: I like you."
  • (Joan Sims) "That does it. Go on. You lecherous so-and-so, go on, GET OUT."
  • (Joan Sims) "Hello, Mrs. Dukes, I thought you were going to the cinema."
  • (Joan Hickson) "I did, but I had to leave. A young man sat next to me and started to make improper suggestions."
  • (Joan Sims) "Again? Really, you should complain to the manager."
  • (Joan Hickson) "I can't; he's after me too, you see."
  • (Joan Sims) "Well, Mrs. Dukes, perhaps you shouldn't make yourself look quite so attractive."
  • (Joan Hickson) "Oh it's not that, I can't help it. I give out waves, you know."
  • (Joan Sims) "Really?"
  • (Joan Hickson) "Yes, my late husband used to call it OOMPH."

Wendy Richard as Ida Downs

  • (Wendy Richard) "What do you want us to wear?"
  • (Sid James) "Oh, anything that brings out your best -- points Miss?"
  • (Wendy Richard) "Downs, Ida Downs."
  • (Sid James) "Ah, I bet you come from Beds."
  • (Wendy Richard) "No; Bristol."
  • (Sid James) "I should have guessed."
  • (Wendy Richard) "I've got a rather smashing two-piece swimsuit."
  • (Sid James) "Great; just wear one piece of that."
  • (Wendy Richard) "Will they publish pictures like that?"
  • (Robin Askwith) "Not in my paper."
  • (Wendy Richard) "Oh. You're a dirty old man."
  • (Peter Butterworth) "Mrs. Philpotts, I wish to complain. This young woman molested me."
  • (Wendy Richard) "Well, I like that."
  • (Peter Butterworth) "Whether you like it or not, my dear, is quite immaterial."
  • (Sid James) "Yes, all right, darling, I'll sort it out."
  • (Peter Butterworth) "Cheeky little thing. I'd like to put her across my knee."
  • (Joan Sims) "I'm sure you would, Admiral."

Zena Clifton as Susan Brooks

  • (Zena Clifton) "Are we all right for Fircombe?"
  • (Bernard Bresslaw) "I'm sure you are."
  • (Valerie Leon) "I'm beginning to see why you don't want me down there."

Barbara Windsor as Hope Springs

  • (Barbara Windsor) "It's not her fault she has to wear a falsie."
  • (Sid James) "What do you mean, "a" falsie?"
  • (Barbara Windsor) "She's got one bigger than the other."
  • (Sid James) "Is that right?"
  • (Barbara Windsor) "No, left."

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