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Carry On Again Doctor Quotes

Carry On Again Doctor is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Carry On Again Doctor ended in 1970.

It features Peter Rogers as producer, Eric Rogers (composer) in charge of musical score, and Ernest Steward as head of cinematography.

Carry On Again Doctor is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Carry On Again Doctor is 86 minutes long. Carry On Again Doctor is distributed by Rank Organisation.

The cast includes: Charles Hawtrey as Dr. Ernest Stoppidge, Kenneth Williams as Frederick Carver, Patsy Rowlands as Miss Fosdick, Joan Sims as Ellen Moore, George Roderick as Waiter, Elizabeth Knight as Nurse, Ann Lancaster as Miss Armitage, Sid James as Gladstone Screwer, and Pat Coombs as Matron.

Carry On Again Doctor Quotes

Elizabeth Knight as Nurse

  • (Elizabeth Knight) "She thinks every man is after her."
  • (Charles Hawtrey) "Well, we can't have her disturbing the rest of the patients like this."
  • (Charles Hawtrey) "Now come, come, Miss Armitage. We mustn't be a silly girl, must we?"
  • (Ann Lancaster) "Keep back. Keep back."
  • (Charles Hawtrey) "You know me. I'm Doctor Stoppidge."
  • (Ann Lancaster) "Hmph. You're all the same. You're only after one thing."
  • (Charles Hawtrey) "No, no; that'd be quite untrue, Miss. Armitage. I only want to get you into bed."
  • (Ann Lancaster) "Get out of here, you sex maniacs."

Patsy Rowlands as Miss Fosdick

  • (Patsy Rowlands) "Excuse me, sir."
  • (Kenneth Williams) "Miss Fosdick, don't keep plucking at me I'm not a chicken."
  • (Patsy Rowlands) "I'm sorry sir but you have an appointment at the Berkley Nursing home at eleven."
  • (Kenneth Williams) "It can wait."
  • (Patsy Rowlands) "It's to see Mrs Moore sir."
  • (Kenneth Williams) "and she -- Oh that's different, rather wealthy private patient of mine, I took her appendix out the other day."
  • (Charles Hawtrey) "Well I hope you both had a nice time."
  • (Kenneth Williams) "I'll make the jokes thank you, Stoppidge."

Sid James as Gladstone Screwer

  • (Unnamed) "Hmm. That's a good skeleton. Did the last doctor leave it here?"
  • (Sid James) "That is the last doctor."
  • (Sid James) "I'll call you "Sunday"."
  • (Pat Coombs) "Well, I won't be in."
  • (Sid James) "You don't have to move out, you know. It's a big bed."
  • (Pat Coombs) "Well as I told you earlier today, I'm not your sort of woman."
  • (Sid James) "I don't mean anything nasty. I'll marry you first."
  • (Pat Coombs) "Marry me? Are you mad? Marry me in the middle of the night?"
  • (Sid James) "Where I come from it's a very simple ceremony."
  • (Sid James) "It's all right, nothing to worry about. We just make a quick cut in each other's left hand, put them together, say "We are one" and it's all legal."
  • (Pat Coombs) "Oh -- I see -- sort of instant wedlock?"
  • (Sid James) "That's it. Only out there they call it a bleedin' ceremony."
  • (Pat Coombs) "Yes, they often call it that here too."
  • (Sid James) "Right, are you ready then?"
  • (Pat Coombs) "No. I have no urge to marry you."
  • (Sid James) "Oh, don't worry about that. The urge comes later."

Pat Coombs as Matron

  • (Pat Coombs) "I'm sorry doctor but I cannot stay with that man any longer."
  • (Unnamed) "Why, what happened?"
  • (Pat Coombs) "I'd rather not say. All they think about is whisky and sex."
  • (Unnamed) "Well where he comes from they can't get soda."

Kenneth Williams as Frederick Carver

  • (Kenneth Williams) "This is the happiest moment of my life."
  • (George Roderick) "I would taste it first, mate, if I was you."
  • (Kenneth Williams) "Ahh this is the new kidney case."
  • (Charles Hawtrey) "Yes Mr Bean."
  • (Kenneth Williams) "Ahh, Kidney Bean."

Joan Sims as Ellen Moore

  • (Joan Sims) "I feel wonderful Mr Carver, I had no idea having one's appendix out could be so exhilarating. I feel ten years younger."
  • (Kenneth Williams) "Splendid. Splendid."
  • (Joan Sims) "Be honest now. Do I really look like a woman of forty?"
  • (Kenneth Williams) "You really feel as young as that?"
  • (Joan Sims) "No, that's what I am."
  • (Joan Sims) "-- they told me you were a wonderful surgeon."
  • (Kenneth Williams) "Well I suppose I am a cut above the rest."

Charles Hawtrey as Dr. Ernest Stoppidge

  • (Charles Hawtrey) "-- there have been several incidents with nurses."
  • (Kenneth Williams) "Oh, come, come, Stoppidge, you know as well as I that all young Doctors indulge in a bit of jiggery pokery."
  • (Charles Hawtrey) "Sir, I do not object to jiggery but I take exception to pokery."

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