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Canyon Raiders Quotes

Canyon Raiders is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Canyon Raiders ended in 1970.

It features Vincent M. Fennelly as producer, Raoul Kraushaar in charge of musical score, and Ernest Miller (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Canyon Raiders is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Canyon Raiders is 54 minutes long. Canyon Raiders is distributed by Monogram Pictures.

The cast includes: Riley Hill as Lou Banks, I. Stanford Jolley as Sam Wellman, Marshall Reed as Jack Marlin, Phyllis Coates as Alice Long, and Whip Wilson as Whip Wilson.

Canyon Raiders Quotes

Phyllis Coates as Alice Long

  • (Phyllis Coates) "What's going on here and who are you?"
  • (Whip Wilson) "The name's Wilson, Whip Wilson. And I might add that you're the best lookin' sheriff I've seen yet."

Riley Hill as Lou Banks

  • (Riley Hill) "We've cleaned out this territory, Sam. How about unloadin' 'em to the Army."
  • (I. Stanford Jolley) "Not yet."
  • (Riley Hill) "We can get on hundred dollars a head right now and that's not bad."
  • (Marshall Reed) "It sure isn't, considerin' all we invested was a little energy. I think Lou's right. Five hundred head at a hundred dollars a head that's, ah, that's --"
  • (I. Stanford Jolley) "Don't strain yourself, kid, that's fifty thousand."

Marshall Reed as Jack Marlin

  • (Marshall Reed) "What are you doin' with those horses?"
  • (Whip Wilson) "I collect horses. It's a hobby of mine."

Whip Wilson as Whip Wilson

  • (Whip Wilson) "Thank you very much, ma'am. You know, it's a good thing there aren't too many law officers like you. I'd be in trouble all the time."
  • (Whip Wilson) "Are you really the sheriff here?"
  • (Phyllis Coates) "Acting sheriff. My father's the regular sheriff, but he's sick."
  • (Phyllis Coates) "Does that satisfy you?"
  • (Unnamed) "Now we're getting someplace."
  • (Whip Wilson) "Very nice, ma'am, only if you were a man and tried that, you'd be dead by now. This gambling friend of yours here tried to take the life savings of an old homesteader in a card game. I happened along in time to prevent a killing. And where were you, Sheriff? Doing embroidery?"

I. Stanford Jolley as Sam Wellman

  • (I. Stanford Jolley) "When you've forged as many bills of sale as I have, you'll see how simple it is."
  • (Marshall Reed) "Well, I hope you don't writer's cramp from forgin' 'em."
  • (I. Stanford Jolley) "Well, I only hope that you keep those fancy six-shooters of yours in their holsters. You know when the government starts investigatin' murders, it ain't so easy to fool 'em."
  • (Marshall Reed) "You know as well as I do that we have to start usin' guns sooner or later."
  • (I. Stanford Jolley) "Well, let's make it later and we'll be safer."
  • (Marshall Reed) "Anytime from now on is later, so you do the thinkin' and leave the shootin' to me."
  • (Riley Hill) "Yeah, and I'll do the worryin'."

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