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Camouflage (2001 film) Quotes

Camouflage (2001 film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Camouflage stopped airing in 1970.

It features Patric D. Choi as producer, Bruce Young Berman in charge of musical score, and Glen Macpherson as head of cinematography.

Camouflage (2001 film) is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Camouflage (2001 film) is 93 minutes long. Camouflage (2001 film) is distributed by Sunland Studios Inc..

The cast includes: Leslie Nielsen as Jack Potter, Lochlyn Munro as Marty Mackenzie, and Suzan Krull as Skinny Woman.

Camouflage (2001 film) Quotes

Leslie Nielsen as Jack Potter

  • (Leslie Nielsen) "Who was it?"
  • (Suzan Krull) "We're talking about -- Washington."
  • (Lochlyn Munro) "My God, what, the governments involved?"
  • (Suzan Krull) "No, George Washintgon. That's right. The kid who couldn't tell a lie. Shocked? So was I. He's livin' right up in that old mine up on the hill. Him and Elvis and M.L. King and JFK and John Lennon and Harry Truman. They got a cult going on up there. The Blue Oyster Cult."
  • (Leslie Nielsen) "We're headed out to a town full of devil-worshipers on a tip from a dame who sees two-headed mules."
  • (Lochlyn Munro) "Jack, in the detective business you cannot leave any stone unturned."
  • (Leslie Nielsen) "When in Rome, do like the Romans. But Marty wasn't in Rome -- Rome's in Italy."
  • (Leslie Nielsen) "Marty knew dick about being a dick."
  • (Leslie Nielsen) "A couple of peckers with a box of dildo's. Marty's hunch had crapped out worse than a tourist in Tijuana. But, there was one more sex-toy waiting for Marty: A cold cock."
  • (Unnamed) "I'm a songwriter. I wrote this, and I recorded it with a buddy down in Bakersfield. He used to have a studio, but he's dead now. Yeah -- Somebody killed him for being selfish. Look, this song's called "Last Train to Trussburg." Do you think you could help me get it published? I mean -- , look, you could sing it. Hell, you could even record it. Hey, I got words. Listen."
  • (Unnamed) "Two-lane redwood highway, bumping along -- Two-lane redwood highway, it's a song -- Two-lane redwood highway, two-lane redwood highway --"
  • (Unnamed) "Oh, I think I might add a couple yippee-ai-yays to give it a cowboy feel. What do you say?"
  • (Leslie Nielsen) "I don't sing other people's songs, you know? I'm a loner. You know what I mean."
  • (Leslie Nielsen) "Is there a place around here a guy can take a pee?"
  • (Unnamed) "You think you're one bigshot singer, don't you? You think you're better than I am. Well, look out that window. What do you see? That's a two-lane redwood highway. I wrote that, huh? Two-lane redwood highway. You're selfish. That's what you are."

Lochlyn Munro as Marty Mackenzie

  • (Lochlyn Munro) "Three things I learned being a private eye: never trust a girl, always get it on tape, and bring backup."
  • (Lochlyn Munro) "So, what do you know about Danny Harkness?"
  • (Suzan Krull) "I know everything there is to know about Danny Harkness. He's my relative in three different ways. He was first cousin, my ex brother in law, and my nephew ones removed."

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