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Cabaret (1972 film) Quotes

Cabaret (1972 film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Cabaret stopped airing in 1970.

It features Cy Feuer as producer, Songs: in charge of musical score, and Geoffrey Unsworth as head of cinematography.

Cabaret (1972 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Cabaret (1972 film) is 124 minutes long. Cabaret (1972 film) is distributed by Allied Artists.

The cast includes: Liza Minnelli as Sally, Michael York as Brian, Michael York as Brian Roberts, Marisa Berenson as Natalia Landauer, Fritz Wepper as Fritz Wendel, Marisa Berenson as Natalia, Fritz Wepper as Fritz, Liza Minnelli as Sally Bowles, and Oliver Collignon as Hitler Youth.

Cabaret (1972 film) Quotes

Liza Minnelli as Sally

  • (Liza Minnelli) "Have you got a cigarette? I'm desperate."
  • (Liza Minnelli) "So, you took on the whole Nazi party?"
  • (Liza Minnelli) "I suppose you're wondering what I'm doing, working at a place like the Kit Kat Club."
  • (Michael York) "Well, it is a rather unusual place."
  • (Liza Minnelli) "That's me, darling. Unusual places, unusual love affairs. I am a most strange and extraordinary person."
  • (Liza Minnelli) "I'm going to be a great film star. That is, if booze and sex don't get me first."
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Does it really matter so long as you're having fun?"
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Well obviously those three girls were just --"
  • (Liza Minnelli) "-- the wrong three girls."
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Mayr tells Kost's fortune every morning, and it's always the same: "You will meet a strange man." Which under the circumstances is a pretty safe bet."
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Don't be so British."
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Divine decadence darling."
  • (Liza Minnelli) "My God. It's enough to drive a girl into a convent. Do they have Jewish nuns?"
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Of course, I may bring a boyfriend home occasionally, but only occasionally, because I do think that one ought to go to the man's room if one can. I mean, it doesn't look so much as if one expected it, does it?"
  • (Liza Minnelli) "I saw a film the other day about syphilis. Ugh. It was too awful. I couldn't let a man touch me for a week. Is it true you can get it from kissing?"
  • (Fritz Wepper) "Oh, yes. And your king, Henry VIII, got it from Cardinal Wolsey whispering in his ear."
  • (Marisa Berenson) "That is not, I believe, founded in fact. But from kissing, most decidedly; and from towels, and from cups."
  • (Liza Minnelli) "And of course screwing."
  • (Marisa Berenson) "Screw-ing, please?"
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Oh, uh --"
  • (Liza Minnelli) "fornication."
  • (Marisa Berenson) "For-ni-ca-tion?"
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Oh, uh, Bri, darling, what is the German word?"
  • (Michael York) "I don't remember."
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Oh -- um -- oh yes."
  • (Michael York) "Oh, no --"
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Bumsen."
  • (Marisa Berenson) "Oh."
  • (Michael York) "That would be the one German word you pronounce perfectly."
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Well, I ought to. I spent the entire afternoon bumsening like mad with this ghastly old producer who promised to get me a contract."
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Gin, Miss Landauer?"
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Doesn't my body drive you wild with desire?"
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Ten words exactly. After ten it's extra. You see, Daddy thinks of these things. If I had leprosy, there'd be a cable: "Gee, kid, tough. Sincerely hope nose doesn't fall off. Love.""
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Bri, listen -- we're practically living together, so if you only like boys I wouldn't dream of pestering you."
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Well, do you sleep with girls or don't you?"
  • (Michael York) "Sally. You don't ask questions like that."
  • (Liza Minnelli) "I do."
  • (Liza Minnelli) "The only thing you can do with virgins like that is pounce."

Oliver Collignon as Hitler Youth

  • (Oliver Collignon) "Oh, Fatherland. Fatherland / Show us the sign / Your children have waited to see / The morning will come when the world is mine / Tomorrow belongs, tomorrow belongs, tomorrow belongs to me."

Michael York as Brian

  • (Michael York) "How's the, uh, gigolo campaign going?"
  • (Fritz Wepper) "Terrible. This week, already I'm giving up three dinner invitations to spend thirty-two marks on her."
  • (Michael York) "That's quite a sacrifice."
  • (Fritz Wepper) "And here's the craziness: I like it. God damn it."
  • (Michael York) "What?"
  • (Fritz Wepper) "I think I'm falling in love with her."
  • (Michael York) "Oh, I'm so sorry."
  • (Fritz Wepper) "So am I."
  • (Michael York) "You're American."
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Oh God, how depressing. You're meant to think I'm an international woman of mystery. I'm working on it like mad."
  • (Michael York) "Sally is rather knowledgeable in these areas."
  • (Fritz Wepper) "You do what Sally says, you end up I think in prison."
  • (Michael York) "You did it, didn't you?"
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Did what, darling?"
  • (Michael York) "The abortion. In God's name, why?"
  • (Liza Minnelli) "One of my whims?"
  • (Michael York) "Peppermint prairie oysters?"
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Oh, you got the toothpaste glass."
  • (Michael York) "P H is always pronounced as F, and, uh, you don't sound the G."
  • (Marisa Berenson) "Then why are they putting the G, please?"
  • (Michael York) "That's, that's a very good question, but rather difficult to explain."
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Try, Brian."
  • (Michael York) "Well, uh, it's just there."
  • (Marisa Berenson) "So, Mr. Professor, you do not know?"
  • (Michael York) "No."
  • (Marisa Berenson) "Then I am sorry. I cannot help you."

Marisa Berenson as Natalia

  • (Marisa Berenson) "I am sorry to bother you, but I could not tell no one else. I do not know no other woman who gives her body so frequently -- Oh. I am sorry, my English. Have I offended you?"
  • (Liza Minnelli) "Oh, no, not at all."

Fritz Wepper as Fritz Wendel

  • (Fritz Wepper) "Do you know what she has done to me? It's terrible. She has turned me into an honest man."

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