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Burlesque (2010 American film) Quotes

Burlesque (2010 American film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Burlesque stopped airing in 1970.

It features Donald De Line as producer, Christophe Beck in charge of musical score, and Bojan Bazelli as head of cinematography.

Burlesque (2010 American film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Burlesque (2010 American film) is 119 minutes long. Burlesque (2010 American film) is distributed by Screen Gems.

The cast includes: Stanley Tucci as Sean, Christina Aguilera as Ali Rose, Cam Gigandet as Jack, Kristen Bell as Nikki, Tanee McCall as Scarlett, Cher as Tess, Alan Cumming as Alexis, Peter Gallagher as Vince, and Eric Dane as Marcus.

Burlesque (2010 American film) Quotes

Kristen Bell as Nikki

  • (Kristen Bell) "What the hell is that waitress doing here? I want that bitch out."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "And what did she ever do to you?"
  • (Kristen Bell) "She said I looked like a drag queen."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Well, that can't be the first time that's happened before."
  • (Kristen Bell) "I don't get why everyone's having a conniption over her, she's just a tacky farm girl from Iowa."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "And we know a cow when we see one. Don't underestimate us farm girls."
  • (Kristen Bell) "How come I don't have a nickname?"
  • (Tanee McCall) "Oh,you do."
  • (Kristen Bell) "Well he never uses it."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Oh,I do."
  • (Kristen Bell) "When?"
  • (Stanley Tucci) "When you leave the room."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Slut."
  • (Kristen Bell) "I heard that."

Christina Aguilera as Ali Rose

  • (Christina Aguilera) "Wait a minute --"
  • (Christina Aguilera) "You had to make an appearance at your own party?"
  • (Eric Dane) "Would've been rude not to, right?"
  • (Christina Aguilera) "Jack, why did you leave Kentucky?"
  • (Cam Gigandet) "Well, why did you leave Iowa?"
  • (Christina Aguilera) "Because I looked around and realized there wasn't one person whose life I wanted."
  • (Cam Gigandet) "Exactly."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "Oh wow -- L.A. looks gorgeous from up here."
  • (Eric Dane) "That view cost me three times what the house did. See that strip mall down there?"
  • (Christina Aguilera) "You own that too?"
  • (Eric Dane) "No. I own everything above it."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "There is nothing above it."
  • (Eric Dane) "Exactly."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "So you own air."
  • (Eric Dane) "Air rights. The guy that owns the strip mall ran into some money issues, almost had to sell. Whoever he sold it to would've put up a huge tower. So I bought the air rights. Now, no one can ever build above one storey."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "Well, aren't you clever."
  • (Eric Dane) "Mall guy gets to keep his property, I get to keep the second best view in L.A."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "What's the first?"
  • (Christina Aguilera) "Ugh -- How many girls have you used that line on?"
  • (Eric Dane) "None ever who called me on it."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "Where I come from friends don't chew on each others earlobes."
  • (Eric Dane) "Aren't you glad you left?"
  • (Christina Aguilera) "Who does a girl have to flirt with to get from here -- to up there?"
  • (Cam Gigandet) "Is this you flirting?"
  • (Christina Aguilera) "With someone wearing more eyeliner than me? Yeah."
  • (Cam Gigandet) "Through that door over there. Ask for Tess. She's your guy. Flirt away."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "Morning. Coffee?"
  • (Cam Gigandet) "Black. Like my soul."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "I took the liberty of making breakfast. I hope you don't mind. It's the least I could do."
  • (Cam Gigandet) "Smells great."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "She's pretty. Your sister?"
  • (Cam Gigandet) "Fiancée."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "You're straight?"
  • (Cam Gigandet) "You thought I was gay?"
  • (Christina Aguilera) "Yeah."
  • (Cam Gigandet) "Wait, why?"
  • (Christina Aguilera) "I don't know. The day bed -- the eyeliner --"
  • (Cam Gigandet) "It's a very straight look. You know, it works at the club, Tess loves it --"
  • (Christina Aguilera) "Okay. I should put on some pants."
  • (Cam Gigandet) "Probably."

Cher as Tess

  • (Cher) "And don't ever go behind my back again."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "Yes, ma'am."
  • (Cher) "And don't ever call me ma'am again."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "Yes, sir. Errr -- I mean, ma'am -- I mean, Tess."
  • (Cher) "Get on the floor."
  • (Cher) ""Ma'am"? What am I, my mother?"
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Yes, ma'am."
  • (Cher) "Up yours."
  • (Cher) "Oh, God, Georgia. Tell me you don't have the flu."
  • (Cher) "Oh no -- please have the flu."
  • (Cher) "He didn't even look me in the eye. He just sat there playing with his wooden thingy on his desk."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "What thingy?"
  • (Cher) "The long wooden block thingy."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "The nameplate?"
  • (Cher) "Yeah. Nameplate."
  • (Cher) "You didn't tell me you could sing like that."
  • (Cher) "Hey Dave, cut it."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "H-hold on a second, I can do this."
  • (Cher) "And I think that it's sweet that you think that you can."

Peter Gallagher as Vince

  • (Peter Gallagher) "I may not be "Mr. Tess" anymore, but I still own half this place."
  • (Cher) "Mr. Tess?"
  • (Cher) "That is so hot."
  • (Peter Gallagher) "Nice. But it won't pay the bills."
  • (Peter Gallagher) "Have you read this letter from the bank?"
  • (Cher) "Vincent. How many times have I told you? No business during business hours."
  • (Peter Gallagher) "Do you know what you could do with that money, Tess?"
  • (Cher) "Do you know what you could do with that money, Vince?"
  • (Peter Gallagher) "Not now --"
  • (Cher) "Don't "not now" me."
  • (Peter Gallagher) "This isn't going away. You won't talk to me before the show, you won't talk to me after the show. It's like you're avoiding me."
  • (Cher) "Well, I didn't divorce you to spend more time with you."

Alan Cumming as Alexis

  • (Alan Cumming) "Get a room."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Get away."
  • (Alan Cumming) "We may not have windows, but we do have the best view on Sunset Strip. Twenty bucks."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "What is this place -- a strip club?"
  • (Alan Cumming) "Strip club? Honey, I should wash your mouth out with Jägermeister. The only Pole you'll find in there is Natasha, the short girl."

Stanley Tucci as Sean

  • (Stanley Tucci) "So, is Ali short for anything?"
  • (Christina Aguilera) "Oh, yeah, it's short for Alice."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Alice, hm? Well, welcome to Wonderland."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Well, I couldn't keep my eyes off her."
  • (Cher) "Try harder."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "It's just money. It's just a number."
  • (Cher) "I know, but -- do you think I could do it?"
  • (Cher) "Tell me a lie."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "I need your expert sewing skills."
  • (Cher) "Tell me a new lie."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "I don't love you."

Eric Dane as Marcus

  • (Eric Dane) "Wow. I can't believe Tess has you buried in the kick line."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "She didn't know I sang."
  • (Eric Dane) "Well, you certainly can. And you are way too good to be doing it here."
  • (Eric Dane) "Remember, you got that balloon payment due on the first."
  • (Cher) "Did you also tell him I have a tattoo on my ass?"
  • (Peter Gallagher) "No -- it's business."
  • (Eric Dane) "I don't think you're gonna get another opportunity like this. So take it."
  • (Cher) "No."
  • (Peter Gallagher) "She means not now."
  • (Cher) "No, no. "Not now" means not now, Vince. "No" means no. Marcus, I don't care what you're offering. My club is not for sale."
  • (Eric Dane) "You know, not that I give a shit, but why is it that you want my club so badly?"
  • (Eric Dane) "I like it. When I see something I like, I have to have it. Been that way since I was a kid."
  • (Cher) "That must have made you very popular in the sandbox."
  • (Eric Dane) "I did okay."

Cam Gigandet as Jack

  • (Cam Gigandet) "Oh, I uhm -- I finished a song. I think it's pretty good."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "Can I hear it?"
  • (Cam Gigandet) "No. But --"
  • (Cam Gigandet) "you can sing it."
  • (Cam Gigandet) "Where're you from?"
  • (Christina Aguilera) "Iowa."
  • (Cam Gigandet) "Kentucky. We're practically related."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "Thought you looked familiar."
  • (Cam Gigandet) "I'm just saying. Life is about the choices you make."
  • (Christina Aguilera) "The choices I make? You're a bartender-slash-piano player, who writes songs that are never ready."

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