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Bullitt Quotes

Bullitt is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Bullitt stopped airing in 1970.

It features Philip D'Antoni as producer, Lalo Schifrin in charge of musical score, and William A. Fraker as head of cinematography.

Bullitt is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Bullitt is 113 minutes long. Bullitt is distributed by Warner Bros.-Seven Arts.

The cast includes: Robert Vaughn as Walter Chalmers, Steve McQueen as Bullitt, Jacqueline Bisset as Cathy, Al Checco as Desk Clerk, Don Gordon as Delgetti, Simon Oakland as Captain Bennett, Steve McQueen as Frank Bullitt, Vic Tayback as Pete Ross, and Norman Fell as Baker.

Bullitt Quotes

Vic Tayback as Pete Ross

  • (Vic Tayback) "This is Pete. We lost him."
  • (Unnamed) "He's your brother, Ross. If you can't find him, we have people who can. And YOU'RE paying for the contract."

Don Gordon as Delgetti

  • (Don Gordon) "No passports, no tickets."
  • (Steve McQueen) "Call Immigration in Chicago, have them wire Rennick's passport application, I'll get a fingerprint check on Ross."

Jacqueline Bisset as Cathy

  • (Jacqueline Bisset) "You're living in a sewer, Frank. Day after day."
  • (Jacqueline Bisset) "What will happen to us, in time?"
  • (Steve McQueen) "Time starts now."

Steve McQueen as Bullitt

  • (Steve McQueen) "You sell whatever you want, but don't sell it here tonight."
  • (Steve McQueen) "Look, Chalmers, let's understand each other -- I don't like you."
  • (Steve McQueen) "Who else knew where he was?"
  • (Robert Vaughn) "What?"
  • (Steve McQueen) "Who else knew where he was?"
  • (Robert Vaughn) "What are you implying?"
  • (Steve McQueen) "Well, they knew where to look for him, and they used your name to get in."
  • (Robert Vaughn) "Are you suggesting I disclosed his whereabouts?"
  • (Steve McQueen) "Well, somebody did. And it didn't come from us."

Simon Oakland as Captain Bennett

  • (Simon Oakland) "Albert Edward Rennick, used car salesman, Chicago."
  • (Robert Vaughn) "Who's Rennick?"
  • (Steve McQueen) "He was the man who was shot at the Hotel Daniels. You sent us to guard the wrong man, Mr. Chalmers."
  • (Simon Oakland) "He let the killers in himself? Why would he do a thing like that?"
  • (Steve McQueen) "I'm waiting to ask him."
  • (Simon Oakland) "What about the setup? What do you make of that?"
  • (Steve McQueen) "Shotgun and a backup man, professionals."

Al Checco as Desk Clerk

Robert Vaughn as Walter Chalmers

  • (Robert Vaughn) "Lieutenant, don't try to evade the responsibility. In your -- parlance, you blew it. You knew the significance of his testimony, yet you failed to take adequate measures to protect him. So to you, it was a job, no more. Were it more, and you had the dedication I was led to believe --"
  • (Steve McQueen) "You believe what you want. You work your side of the street, and I'll work mine."
  • (Robert Vaughn) "Frank, we must all compromise."
  • (Steve McQueen) "Bullshit."
  • (Robert Vaughn) "I do not choose to have people accuse me of false promises for the sake of cheap sensationalism, or to be compromised by your lieutenant."
  • (Robert Vaughn) "Come on, now. Don't be naive, Lieutenant. We both know how careers are made. Integrity is something you sell the public."

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