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Bread and Circuses (Star Trek: The Original Series) Quotes

Bread and Circuses (Star Trek: The Original Series) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Bread and Circuses completed its run in 1970.

Bread and Circuses (Star Trek: The Original Series) Quotes

  • (Spock) "I wish we could've examined that belief of his more closely. It seems illogical for a sun worshiper to develop a philosophy of total brotherhood. Sun worship is usually a primitive superstition religion."
  • (Uhura) "I'm afraid you have it all wrong, Mister Spock, all of you. I've been monitoring some of their old-style radio waves, the empire spokesman trying to ridicule their religion. But he couldn't. Don't you understand? It's not the sun up in the sky. It's the Son of God."
  • (Capt. Kirk) "Caesar; and Christ. They had them both. And the word is spreading -- only now."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "A philosophy of total love and total brotherhood."
  • (Spock) "It will replace their imperial Rome; but it will happen in their twentieth century."
  • (Capt. Kirk) "Wouldn't it be something to watch, to be a part of? To see it happen all over again? Mister Chekov, take us out of orbit. Ahead warp factor one."
  • (Chekov) "Aye, sir."
  • (Spock) "I find the checks and balances of this civilization quite illuminating."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "Next he'll be telling us he prefers it over Earth history."
  • (Spock) "They do seem to have escaped the carnage of your first three world wars, Doctor."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "They have slavery, gladiatorial games, despotism."
  • (Spock) "Situations quite familiar to the six million who died in your first world war, the eleven million who died in your second, the thirty-seven million who died in your third. Shall I go on?"
  • (Claudius Marcus) "Interesting --"
  • (Flavius) "Are they enemies, Captain?"
  • (Capt. Kirk) "I'm not sure they're sure."
  • (Spock) "You need any help, Doctor?"
  • (Dr. McCoy) "Whatever gave you that idea?"
  • (Achilles) "Fight, you pointed-ear freak."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "You tell him, buster. Of all the completely -- ridiculous -- illogical questions I ever heard in my life."
  • (Flavius) "At least defend yourself."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "I AM defending myself."
  • (Claudius Marcus) "Now, Captain, what are you going to order your men to do?"
  • (Capt. Kirk) "If I brought down a hundred of them armed with phasers --"
  • (Claudius Marcus) "-- you could probably defeat the combined armies of our entire empire; and violate your oath regarding non-interference with other societies. I believe you all swear you'll die, before you'd violate that directive. Am I right?"
  • (Spock) "Quite correct."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "Must you always be so blasted honest?"
  • (Capt. Kirk) "Captain's log, stardate 4040.7. On the surface of Planet IV, System 892, the landing party has won the confidence of what obviously is a group of runaway slaves. They dwell in caves not far from a large city, wear rags, live under primitive conditions; but they are creatures of a heavily industrialized 20th-century type planet, very much like Earth; an amazing example of Hodgkin's law of Parallel Planet Development. But on this Earth, Rome never fell. A world ruled by emperors who can trace their line back two thousand years, to their own Julius and Augustus Caesars."
  • (Drusilla) "I was concerned. I am ordered to please you."
  • (Capt. Kirk) "I have been in some strange worlds, strange customs. Perhaps this is considered torture here."
  • (Claudius Marcus) "So, this is a Vulcan. Interesting. From what I have heard I wish I had fifty of you for the arena."
  • (Merik) "This other is your ship's surgeon?"
  • (Capt. Kirk) "McCoy."
  • (Merik) "It's a pity we can't let him loose in our hospitals. Our level of medicine would improve immeasurably, I'm sure."
  • (Spock) "Fascinating. This atmosphere is remarkably similar to your twentieth century. Moderately industrialized pollution, containing substantial amounts of carbon monoxide, and partially consumed hydrocarbons."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "The word was smog."
  • (Spock) "Yes, I believe that was the term. I had no idea you were that much of a historian, Doctor."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "I am not, Mister Spock. I was simply trying to stop you from giving us a whole lecture on the subject."
  • (Claudius Marcus) "Guards. Take him to the arena. Oh, we've pre-empted fifteen minutes on the early show for you. In full colour. We guarantee you a splendid audience. Er, you may not understand, because you're centuries beyond anything as crude as television."
  • (Capt. Kirk) "I've heard it was -- similar."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "Once, just once, I'd like to be able to land someplace and say "Behold, I am the Archangel Gabriel.""
  • (Spock) "I fail to see the humor in that situation, Doctor."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "Naturally. You could hardly claim to be an angel with those pointed ears, Mr. Spock. But say you landed someplace with a pitchfork --"
  • (Merik) "This is not an Academy training test. This is for real. They're taking you to die."
  • (Announcer) "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Live and direct from City Arena, and in color, we bring you Name the Winner, brought to you tonight by your Jupiter Eight dealers from coast to coast. In just a moment, tonight's first heat."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "What happened, Jim?"
  • (Spock) "What did they do to you, Captain?"
  • (Capt. Kirk) "They -- threw me a few curves --"
  • (Mr. Spock) "Even more fascinating. Slavery evolving into an institution, with guaranteed medical payments, old-age pensions."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "Quite logical, I'd say, Mister Spock. Just as it's logical that, uh -- 20th-century Rome would use television to show its gladiator contest, or name a new car the Jupiter VIII."
  • (Mr. Spock) "Doctor, if I were able to show emotion, your new infatuation with that term would begin to annoy me."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "What term? 'Logic'? Medical men are trained in logic, Mr. Spock."
  • (Mr. Spock) "Really, Doctor? I had no idea they were trained. Watching you, I assumed it was trial and error."
  • (Uhura) "Captain, both amplitude and frequency modulation being used. I think I can pick up something visual. It's a news broadcast using a system I think they once called video."
  • (Mr. Spock) ""Television" was the colloquial term."
  • (Capt. Kirk) "Put it on the screen."
  • (Uhura) "Aye."
  • (Announcer) "-- Today, police rounded up still another group of dissidents. Authorities are as yet unable to explain these fresh outbreaks of treasonable disobedience by well-treated, well-protected, intelligent slaves. Now turning to the world of sports, and bringing you the taped results of the arena games last night: The first heat involved amateurs. They're petty thieves from the city prison; conducted, however, with traditional weapons, it provided some amusement --"
  • (Announcer) "-- for a few moments. In the second heat, a slightly more professional display, in the spirit of our splendid past, when gladiator Claudius Marcus killed the last of the Barbarians, William B. Harrison, in an excellent example of --"
  • (Uhura) "Transmission lost, sir. Shall I try to get it back?"
  • (Capt. Kirk) "Slaves and gladiators -- What are we seeing, a 20th-Century Rome?"
  • (Mr. Spock) "Captain, the one described as the barbarian is also listed here: Flight Officer William B. Harrison, of the S.S. Beagle. At least there WERE some survivors down there."
  • (Claudius Marcus) "You're a Roman, Kirk, or you should have been."
  • (Septimus) "May the blessings of the Son be upon you."
  • (Uhura) "Captain? Both amplitude and frequency modulation being used. I think I can pick up something visual; some news broadcast using a system I -- think they once called video."
  • (Mr. Spock) "'Television' was the colloquial term."
  • (Master of Games) "You bring this network's ratings down, Flavius, and we'll do a special on you."
  • (Claudius Marcus) "We believe men should fight their own battles. Only the weak will die."
  • (Announcer) "And first tonight, ladies and gentlemen, a surprise extra. In the far corner, a pair of highly aggressive barbarians. Strong, intelligent, with strange ways, and I'm sure full of a lot of surprises. And facing them, two favorites here from previous encounters; Achilles and Flavius."
  • (Announcer) "Victory or death? And for which of them? Well, ladies and gentlemen, you know just as much about that at this moment as I do because this is your program. You name the winner."
  • (Claudius Marcus) "Admit it, you find these games frightening, revolting."
  • (Capt. Kirk) "Proconsul, in some parts of the galaxy, I have seen forms of entertainment that makes this look like a folk dance."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "Odd that these people should worship the 'sun'."
  • (Spock) "Why, Doctor?"
  • (Dr. McCoy) "Because, my dear Mister Spock, it is illogical. Rome had no sun worshipers. Why should they parallel Rome in every way except one?"
  • (Flavius) "The message of the Son, that all men are brothers, was kept from us. Perhaps I'm a fool to believe it. It does often seem that men must fight to live."
  • (Capt. Kirk) "You go on believing it, Flavius. All men are brothers."
  • (Scott) "They're in trouble, and I am under orders not to interfere. However, no order can stop me from frightening them. It may do no good, but it may suggest to someone just what a starship can really do."
  • (Dr. McCoy) "You know why you're not afraid to die, Spock? You're more afraid of living. Each day you stay alive is just one more day you might slip, and let your Human half peek out. That's it, isn't it? Insecurity. Why, you wouldn't know what to do with a genuine, warm, decent feeling."
  • (Spock) "Really, Doctor?"
  • (Dr. McCoy) "I know. I'm worried about Jim, too."
  • (Drusilla) "Please believe me. I've never lied to one who owns me."
  • (Claudius Marcus) "Would you leave us, Merik? The thoughts of one man to another cannot possibly interest you."
  • (Claudius Marcus) "And you, Captain, er, which world do you prefer?"
  • (Capt. Kirk) "My world, Proconsul, is my vessel, my oath, my crew."
  • (Septimus) "Tell me the empire has a device like that, Flavius, and you may kill them. Otherwise, accept them as friends."
  • (Policeman) "Four fleeing fish. A fine haul."

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