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Boys on the Side Quotes

Boys on the Side is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Boys on the Side ended its run in 1970.

It features Herbert Ross as producer, David Newman (composer) in charge of musical score, and Donald E. Thorin as head of cinematography.

Boys on the Side is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Boys on the Side is 115 minutes long. Boys on the Side is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Whoopi Goldberg as Jane, Anita Gillette as Elaine, Drew Barrymore as Holly, Mary-Louise Parker as Robin, Billy Wirth as Nick, and Matthew McConaughey as Abe.

Boys on the Side Quotes

Mary-Louise Parker as Robin

  • (Mary-Louise Parker) "But this person who dumped her, she was gay, right?"
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Yeah, but even with gay girls there are no guarantees. They're very emotional. That's about all I know. They love uniforms and don't break their hearts."
  • (Mary-Louise Parker) "Uniforms?"
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Oh, yeah, all kinds. Especially UPS."
  • (Unnamed) "Are you a lesbian too, Ms. Nickerson?"
  • (Mary-Louise Parker) "No sir but at times I understand the inclination."
  • (Mary-Louise Parker) "I don't know what it is but there's something that goes on between women. You men know that because it's the same for you. I'm not saying one sex is better then the other. I'm just saying, like speaks to like. Love or whatever doesn't always keep. So you found out what does, if you're lucky."
  • (Mary-Louise Parker) "Don't you knock?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Not in a public toilet, no."

Whoopi Goldberg as Jane

  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "It's not a goddamn cold. Don't be such a hoo-hoo."
  • (Unnamed) "And what's a hoo-hoo?"
  • (Anita Gillette) "It's a cunt, dear."
  • (Anita Gillette) "Now why don't you leave us alone?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "You were gonna bring a baby into that house?"
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Oh, like, what were my options?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "How about abortion?"
  • (Drew Barrymore) "I couldn't do that. I'd feel like a murderer."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Honey, you ARE a murderer."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "She's holding you back, man. Everyone says so. She's like Yoko with bangs."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "-- Do you miss it?"
  • (Mary-Louise Parker) "What?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Sex."
  • (Mary-Louise Parker) "Yeah, I do -- You know what's weird? You never know the last time you sleep with somebody it's the last time. You're thinking: "Oh, we got problems, we got work to do," you know, but you never think -- and then you break up and a month later you look back and you go: "Oh, that was it." That Tuesday or Friday or whenever, and you wished you paid attention because it was the last time -- Well."
  • (Unnamed) "One last time: are; you; gay?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Yes; I; am."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "I bet a lot of women tell you that. But in my case, it happens to be true."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "The farther away from that body I get, the happier I'll be."

Anita Gillette as Elaine

  • (Anita Gillette) "I do the best I can, honey. I know it's not enough, and I'm sorry. But that's what you get in life, you know? You get whoever you end up with. Whoever is willing to stick by you, and fight for you, when everyone else is gone. And it ain't always who you expect. But you just have to make do."
  • (Anita Gillette) "So what? She still should grab him. Believe me I know what she's gonna have to go through. You know, I'm a feminist too. I was a single mother after your father left. You think that was easy? I even voted for Carter twice. But you can't fight nature. God knows, you girls keep trying. Treating your men like side dishes. Stick a fork in when needed-just like men used to treat us."

Drew Barrymore as Holly

  • (Drew Barrymore) "Did I hurt him?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "What do you mean did you hurt him, you hit him with a bat."
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Anyway, uhm -- Jane called me at work, wanted to know how you are."
  • (Mary-Louise Parker) "I'm fine."
  • (Anita Gillette) "Who's Jane?"
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "Jane used to live here up until a few days ago."
  • (Mary-Louise Parker) "You stay out of this, Holly. It's between me and Jane."
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Well, she asked for my advice, so I told her she's anti-Lesbian."
  • (Mary-Louise Parker) "I am not."
  • (Anita Gillette) "Who's a Lesbian?"
  • (Mary-Louise Parker) "Jane is."
  • (Anita Gillette) "And she was living here?"
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "Yes, Ma'am."
  • (Mary-Louise Parker) "I am not 'anti-Lesbian'."
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Not you, her."
  • (Anita Gillette) "Who?"
  • (Mary-Louise Parker) "Jane."
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Oh, God. To think it's possible I killed my baby's daddy."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) ""To think it's possible?" You hit him in the head with a baseball bat. He's dead."
  • (Drew Barrymore) "No, I mean, it's possible that Nick is the daddy."
  • (Drew Barrymore) "See this is her old problem. She creates a situation where she gets this rejection that everyone else sees coming."
  • (Mary-Louise Parker) "She just wasn't being honest."
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Well, I think it's a black thing too."
  • (Anita Gillette) "Jane is black?"
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "Yes, Ma'am. She sure is."
  • (Mary-Louise Parker) "And you can't live a lie. You just can't."
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Well, there's lying and then there's -- just not telling."
  • (Mary-Louise Parker) "Big diff."
  • (Anita Gillette) "She's a black Lesbian?"
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "Yes, Ma'am. That is right."
  • (Anita Gillette) "And she was living here? With you?"
  • (Drew Barrymore) "No, no, no no, no no. She was just living here. They weren't like fucking or anything."
  • (Drew Barrymore) "Were you?"
  • (Anita Gillette) "Were you?"
  • (Matthew McConaughey) "Were you?"
  • (Mary-Louise Parker) "Ah; I'll get the coffee."

Billy Wirth as Nick

  • (Billy Wirth) "My fuckin' head --"

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