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Reality and Appearance by Mawlawi Rumi


"Reality and Appearance" is a short religious poem written by Mawlawi Rumi. This poem is about seeing God even though he isn't visibile to us and we only see him through our faith. He says that God denies himself to be seen by mortal eyes, but "dark jungle as a tiger bright [...] the viewless Spirit leaps to light".

This poem is made up of only one stanza with seven lines. It has the rhyme scheme AABCCDD.


Reality and Appearance

'Tis light makes colour visible: at night
Red, green, and russet vanish from thy sight.
So to thee light by darkness is made known:
Since God had none, He, seeing all, denies
Himself eternally to mortal eyes.
From the dark jungle as a tiger bright,
Form from the viewless Spirit leaps to light.

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