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To My Dearest Beth by Gary R. Hess

This love poem speaks about the great feelings I have for Beth. Not only does she make me love her more every day, but she brings a passion out of me stronger than I have ever felt before. She is an incredibly wonderful person, and so this poem is dedicated to her.


Category: Love

To My Dearest Beth

Love and passion:
two meanings.
Two meanings that describe;
no, two meanings that are
what you mean to me.

They resonate and hover
in my mind and in my eyes
because you are my dream.
I continue to feel: someday
I will awake and you'll be gone.
Nonexistant. Never was and never
will be. Why? Because you are my
dream. Your smile creates happiness.
Your voice creates love. Your movements
create passion. Your heart has mine
and your mind controls me.

Love. Passion.
Two meanings.
Two words not disimilar,
but not the same.
Two words that
bring change across my life.
Two words that
create my soul,
but not without you there.

I am not great,
not even good.
I am average, but
an average man that can
love and love like no other.
And you. You bring me there.

Love. Passion.

Written October 1, 2011

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