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To Carmen by Gary R. Hess

This is a love poem about a woman who I quickly fell for and couldn't completely make sense of it all. Things were hard, but were also happy and joyful. Spending time with her was great; nonetheless, things soon ended after this poem was written.


Category: Love

To Carmen

Moments like these are hard to pass
they move slowly while my mind fast
I think, think, and think
about you more and more

Why--my mind is jello
slushy, slushy it moves
squashy, squashy, but the moment stays
It stays and stays
Until someone comes and makes it move
That someone happens to be you

You make the time pass by
one hour, two hours, eventually six and seven
All the moments spent laughing and smiling
Because you are you and I am me
I don't have to be fake, I can be true
True to my heart and true to yours

Even though I've just met you,
Everything feels so right

The more I know about you, the more I want you
Every moment that passes, my heart beats more passionately

It's still soon, I know
But right now my heart beats for you and only you
You are my stars, my angels
My happpiness answered

You make my time move slowly without you
But also impassionedly

Written July 22, 2010

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