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To Betty by Gary R. Hess

This love poem was written during a time when we were going through some major ups and downs. As you can see in the break up poem titled the same, we decided to end it (actually, during the time of the poem, we didn't officially end anything at that time. But we might have well have). Both poems were written during the same day.

For better understanding, we were living together for several years. She decided to move with her parents (another state) and once she got a job then perhaps we would move back in together. I asked her to come visit for Christmas, and she basically backed out of it (I asked her to stay for 2 weeks, she said that was too long. Hm!). We started to argue and not talk as often (which was mostly my doing, she rarely called anyway). In retrospect, I'm glad she didn't come.


Category: Love

To Betty

When we met, the circumstances
weren't ones to be desired
you helped me through rough times
and we became something more
We talked, we laughed, we fell in love
Though I'm not romantic, I know
But I do love

The moment we met, there was fuel
As time went on, the fire burned bright
We had our ups and downs--I know
But love is love, I cannot explain
For you are my angel, my heaven
My beautiful wings to help me fly
Though I'm not perfect, I know
But I am human

The times we shared are my hope
that there is a God that there is a heaven
Our time apart has been dreadful
I do not speak of our circumstances

But my arms empty and my lips clean
My heart is thinking and my mind bleeding
For my love is here and not fading
Though I'm not rich, I know
But I am amusing (I hope)

Time goes on, but my love remains
We grow older, thicker, thinner, and me less hair
But my heart is here
and my love still there
and my love still there

Written January 29, 2010

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