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Ode to Sunshine by Gary R. Hess

I wrote this love poem as a way to recognize hardships and triumphs with my love life. It has many meanings to me and can be interpreted in several different ways. One meaning is completely lustful. Another is overcoming obstacles. Finally, the other meaning is growth as a person.


Category: Love

Ode to Sunshine

O sunshine gleaming from the west,
beauty pours from your unseen chest.
 Color drips from beneath,
 stealing my vital breath

I take a moment to adjust
my eyes from taking comely lust.
 Removing them from light,
 the day turned into night.
For 'tis one day I did not rest,
'til the sun fell into the west.
 My eyes took but one glance,
 'til they fell into trance.
The sun shined a separate ray,
for me to openly descry.
 Once and for all I did see
 that it could shine fully.

Written July 2, 2008

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