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Poetry About Love

Many romantic poems have been inspired by relationships over the course of a lifetime. When I was just a teenager my thoughts of romance circled around affairs which were long distance. Who knew that they could inspire so much poetry about love?

Being in a romantic relationship is perhaps the best inspiration. The romance, candle light dinners, long romantic evenings, it's amazing. The feeling that our life is complete and nothing could ever go wrong. We feel free.

The beauty of romance lasts a life time, but what happens when the relationship is long distance? It's still the same only hundreds (if not thousands) of miles away. It doesn't matter if your partner is in the same city, state or even country. Love has no distance.

Personal Love Poetry

These short love poems were written throughout my, Gary R. Hess's, teenage and adult life. Some are sweet, some are cute. I hope you enjoy them.