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'Tis the Voice of the Lobster by Lewis Carroll


"'Tis the Voice of the Lobster" is a poem by Carroll that appears in Chapter 10 of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The poem is recited by Alice after the Mock Turtle sings to her. This poem is a parody of "The Sluggard", a moralistic poem by Isaac Watts.

This poem is made up of two stanzas with eight lines in each. It has the rhyme scheme of AABBCCDD.


'Tis the Voice of the Lobster

"'Tis the voice of the Lobster: I heard him declare
'You have baked me too brown, I must sugar my hair.'
As a duck with its eyelids, so he with his nose
Trims his belt and his buttons, and turns out his toes.
When the sands are all dry, he is gay as a lark,
And will talk in contemptuous tones of the Shark:
But, when the tide rises and sharks are around,
His voice has a timid and tremulous sound."

"I passed by his garden, and marked, with one eye,
How the Owl and the Panter were sharing a pie:
The Panther took pie-crust, and gravy, and meat,
While the Old had the dish as its share of the treat.
When the pie was all finished, the Owl, as a boon,
Was kindly permitted to pocket the spoon:
While the Panther received knife and fork with a growl,
And concluded the banquet by [eating the owl].

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