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A Nursery Darling by Lewis Carroll


"A Nursery Darling" is a poem by Carroll that discusses the life of a nursery child. It is divided into two parts: "A Mother's breast" and "A Darling's kiss". Both stanzas include the rhyme scheme ABBBCCCA. The first stanza states that a child seeks refuge from all their troubles and tears by their mother's breast. The second stanza states that the kiss of a "darling" is the sweetest thing of all and it brings dreams ofheaven.


A Nursery Darling

A Mother's breast:
Safe refuge from her childish fears,
From childish troubles, childish tears,
Mists that enshroud her dawning years!
see how in sleep she seems to sing
A voiceless psalm--an offering
Raised, to the glory of her King
In Love: for Love is Rest.

A Darling's kiss:
Dearest of all the signs that fleet
From lips that lovingly repeat
Again, again, the message sweet!
Full to the brim with girlish glee,
A child, a very child is she,
Whose dream of heaven is still to be
At Home: for Home is Bliss.

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