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Funny Quotes From You Don't Mess with the Zohan - Page 2

Danny: You don't mess with the Zohan!
Gail: Well Australia, it must be really nice there since they got rid of the apartheid.
Zohan: Oh yes, the weather is much cooler.
Zohan: I like this, being inside the outside.
Zohan: I like hair. It's pleasant. It's peaceful. No one gets hurt.
Zohan: I just want to make hair silky-smooth.
Palestinian immigrant: People hate us. They think we're terrorists.
Israeli immigrant: People hate us, too. They think we're you.
Buisnessman: Listen, I am really late for a hotel opening downtown, the Wallbridge hotel.
Zohan: I understand sir. I know the neighborhood inside and backwards. We will not let them stop us.
Buisnessman: What?
Zohan: (Whilst screeching the limo round a corner on two wheels) You want some coffee back there?
Gail: Usually he's harder than trigonometry.
Zohan: Unbelievable! This enema gets to live his dream...!
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