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Funny Quotes From The Rocker

The Rocker is a much better movie than I thought it would be. Emma Stone is incredibly beautiful, Rainn Wilson (from The Office plays an excellent role, and the others do just as good of a job. It is a highly underrated film. And frankly, it's probably one of the greatest comedy films of the 2000s. The plot is decent, which follows an old man who wants to be in a young people's band, and it makes for a few great laughs.

Below you'll find some great funny quotes from The Rocker.

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Matt Gadman: I swear if you don't stop annoying me, I'm going to shave your head in your sleep.
Violet: I'd still be the pretty child.
Robert 'Fish' Fishman: No, I will not buy beer for you and your friends nor will I rent you my password to porn sites.
Matt Gadman: I was just wondering if you'd play the drums with us. You know, just for one night.
Matt Gadman: This gig is the closest I'll ever get to ladies.
Robert 'Fish' Fishman: You're looking to score. I can respect that.
Curtis Wood: My mom's not going to let me go.
Robert 'Fish' Fishman: You don't ask your parents for permission to rock!
Matt Gadman: [sneezes loudly]
Amelia: [after waking up] Did you just sneeze on my face?
Matt Gadman: [whispers] Nah... that wasn't me.
Matt Gadman: I'm lowering my voice.
Robert 'Fish' Fishman: A lot of people play Celine Dion in elevators - that doesn't make it right.
Robert 'Fish' Fishman: It's not considered "stealing" if you're family.
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