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Funny Quotes About Stress - Page 3

Just as you shouldn't stress your car, yo ushouldn't stress yourself. It kills the engine!

Stress causes almost as many heart attacks as McDonald's hamburgers. So the next time you are at Mickey D's, don't stress yourself about eatng the entire menu. Just do it!

Money doesn't kill you. Worrying about it does.

When I worry a lot, my nose twitches and I fart. Luckily, I only worry about girls, money, food, and about what I'm doing tonight when I get home.

A little stress is good for you. A lot of stress is bad, so only worry if you need $10 but don't if you need $10,000.

Stress doesn't help anything, so live life and party!

Work and stress go hand in hand. If you aren't stressed, you aren't working!

You aren't stressed until you fall down and piss yourself.

Never stress over something that you'll forget about next week. And if it's not something you'll forget, then you can't change it anyway.

When life doesn't go your way, change it. Sress can kill you, but you have the choice of changing your life. Change your job, change your friends, change where you live, hell, even change your underwear.

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