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Funny Quotes From Mr. Woodcock - Page 2

Mr. Woodcock: I don't do 'Sorry'.
John Farley: What?
Mr. Woodcock: Sorry is for criminals and screw-ups... and I'm neither one.
Maggie Hoffman: Look, I don't care if your granny is on fire.
Maggie Hoffman: This is Oprah! She farts on a book and it magically sells a million copies.
John Farley: You have a father?
Mr. Woodcock: Of course I have a father, Farley, I'm not Jesus.
Mr. Woodcock: You're going to find out there are alot more important things to know than the capital of Montana. Nedderman, what's the capital of Montana?
Young Nedderman: Helena?
Mr. Woodcock: Who cares? Go run a lap!
John Farley: When you make a blame sandwich, you gotta be ready to eat it yourself.
Mr. Woodcock: One pothole in this entire town Farley, and you've managed to find it.
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