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Hilarious Motorcycling Quotes - Page 3

You might be a bad ass riding a motorcycle, but I'm driving a 2-ton car. Don't me of off.
There's nothing manly about eating bugs unless you're in the dessert.
Guys on motorcycles are just cyclists too lazy to peddle.
Riding a motorcycle is exactly like riding a bicycle except you have power between your legs.
The first time I rode a motorcycle I thouht it was amazing. The second time, I still thought it was cool. The third time, I decided that I should just drive a car.
Do you know what the sexiest thing in the world is? A grandma on a Harley.
Riding a motorcycle in the US is much different than in a third world country. In the US, it's a way to show freedom of spirit and mind and it's a way to clear your head. In a third world country, it's a quick death. On the plus side, you get there quicker than in a car.
Each bike comes with two wheels, a seat, and two giant balls attached.
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