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Funny Quotes From Meet Dave

Although I thought Meet Dave was a bit of a let down, that doesn't mean that there weren't some funny quotes involved. Eddie Murphy always does a great job at acting and providing at least a little bit of entertainment. As well, Gabrielle Union was a rising star during this films production and Elizabeth Banks is always great. Below you'll be able to find some of the best lines from Meet Dave.

A quote from Meet Dave.
Gina Morrison: [Dave is looking at a picture of Gina's late husband.] Captain?
Dave: Yes?
Gina Morrison: That's my husband. He was a captain with the Navy.
Dave: I am a captain.
Gina Morrison: Really? A captain of what?
[Inside the ship, Number 3 looks something up.]
Dave: I am a captain of crunch.
Dooley: Come on, this is gonna be great, a fireball? How often do we get a call like that?
Knox: Do me a favor, OK? Act like a cop and stop caring.
Captain: Lieutenant Bottoms, what is your status?
Lieutenant Bottoms: Captain, we had a small gas leak. It was silent, but not deadly.
[Dave is dancing with Gina]
No. 2 - 2nd In Command: Sir, we already have the orb. There's no need to continue this charade.
Captain: Not now, Number 2! I'm trying to let the music take me!
[taking charge of Dave through mutiny and doing a lot of damage to the city]
No. 2 - 2nd In Command: Sometimes Number 2 happens!
Gina: Hello sir. Hi are you alright?
Dave [mini-Dave]: Contact everyone. Our first verbal encounter.
Dave: Thank you for your concern. [a really high pitched voice]
Gina: That's our cat Boras.
Janessa: Cats, here we go sir.
Dave: We're under attack! [kicks cat]
Crew: We are on the brink of anarchy!
Dave [mini-Dave]: Not now I'm trying to let the music take me.
[Dave's mouth opens]
Police officer #1: If you are trying to freak me out it's not going to work.
[people walk out of Dave's mouth]
Police officer #2: Ew!
Police officer #1: Alright that's going to freak me out a little.
[Dave sneezes, mini-Dave and Janessa fall out]
Dave [mini-Dave]: Blown out of my own nose!
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