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Funny Quotes About American Football - Page 2

I wouldn't ever set out to hurt anyone deliberately unless it was, you know, important -like a league game or something.
Dick Butkus
Old place-kickers never die, they just go on missing the point.
Lou Groza, NFL Hall of Fame kicker
The pads don't keep you from getting hurt. They just keep you from getting killed.
Chad Bratzke
I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid.
Terry Bradshaw
I've been big ever since I was little.
William Perry
Men are clinging to football on a level we aren't even aware of. For centuries, we ruled everything, and now, in the last ten minutes, there are all these incursions by women. It's our Alamo.
Tony Kornheiser
Maybe a good rule in life is never become too important to do your own laundry.
Barry Sanders
The NFL, like life, is full of idiots.
Randy Cross
I've found that prayers work best when you have big players.
Knute Rockne
If there's a pileup, they'll have to give some of the players artificial insemination.
Curt Gowdy, announcing for the AFL all-star game on a flooded field
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