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Funny Quotes from Balls of Fury - Page 2

Feng: Gentlemen. Athletes. I bid you toodles.
Feng: Stop it! Are you insane? These are not replicas! Well, some of them are, but they're limited edition replicas.
Master Wong: Maggie! Your temper brings dishonor to my Happy Mu Shu Palace.
Karl Wolfschtagg: You are so close to defeat that it already reeks of your cheap cologne.
Master Wong: The joke's on you, pretty boy. It's not cologne, it's Lady Speed Stick.
Feng: Hey! Less talkie-talkie, more Ping-Pong!
Feng: I won't bite, not anywhere that will show.
Feng: Stop! This is Boring! Kill them Both! We're missing Antiques Roadshow!
Master Wong: Welcome to the underbelly of ping-pong where fortunes are won and lost. I'm exaggerating, of course, but you get my point.
Rodriguez: I'm from the FBI.
Randy Daytona: Whoa man. I didn't mean to kill that guy. How was I supposed to know he had a bad heart?
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