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Funny Quotes From Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Page 2

Meatwad: What's wrong with your elbow?
Romulox: Oh, you didn't get that surgery. I'm sorry.
Meatwad: We don't have insurance.
Romulox: Only two people in the world have the easy-flow elbow, and one of them happens to be named Bruce Willis.
Frylock: Okay, Meatwad. Time to put the game up. It's gettin' late.
Meatwad: Come on!! Just one more dead person, please? Just one more dead guy.
Frylock: All right, one more.
Meatwad: Spirits that haunt this house. Tell me...what was we talkin' 'bout?
Game Ghost: My sister's baby.
Meatwad: Oh yeah, one them other dead boys told me about that. How she doin?
Game Ghost: She's dead. We're all dead.
Meatwad: Well at least she had all her fingers and toes, you know what I mean?
Master Shake: Where do you two think you're going?
Frylock: Wherever the hell we want.
Master Shake: Not without me!
Meatwad: We're going to see Little Brittle at the old folks home.
Master Shake: Go without me!
Meatwad: Know what I wanna do? Learn how to milk a cow.
Frylock: Ok.
[Ignignokt drops the sign that was on Carl's car]
Ignignokt: This however, [drops the sign] is your problem.
[sign reads "Up For Crabs"]
Carl: For the record, it's supposed say I'm "Up For Grabs."
Meatwad: It don't.
Carl: But I do have crabs, you guys knew that though.
[The Aqua Teens' voice answering machine]
Frylock: Hi this is Frylock. Sorry, we can't come to the phone right now as we're currently being cocooned by military spiders in the Mojave Desert. At the sound of the tone-
Shake: "At the 'sound' of the tone"? Wouldn't it just be "at the tone"?
Frylock: Shut up Shake. I like to be thorough.
Carl: Uh let's be frank that gas leak is going to kill anyone who tries to live in here...
Markula: I'm not fixing that gas leak for you or anybody!
Markula: I told you no phones! You're just making me look stupid!
Master Shake: What's the problem? He's tiny and cute!
Frylock: He's homeless and drunk!
Master Shake: Calm down, Hitler. You think Ron Howard just wished 'Willow' was great? No, and yet it was.
Meatwad: What friend? I ain't got no friends! Oh Frylock. Yeah, he's my friend. Wait, is that deodorant?
Master Shake: Yes, it's deodorant. They get hot and sweaty chasin' robbers.
Officer: Yeah! Yeah, it's deodorant. Try some! (Maces Master Shake and Meatwad)
Master Shake: (He and Meatwad have red eyes) Ahh! That is not deodorant! Oh God!
Meatwad: Needs a little more pepper.
[during a recording session]
Master Shake: [rapping] Happy birthday Jesus / You are the one / Coming down to Earth / From planet Krypton / Rollin out tracks and getting it on / like the 'Wrath of Khan' with Ricardo Montalban / It rained fishes and loaves on the bitches and the hos / They said they want some mo' and he said, "Hell no!" / Yo I got the flow / You ghost ridin the whip / And you suckin on my-
Michael: Okay, let's cut it there.
Master Shake: [breathes] Whoo! I was hoping to get the word 'ding-dong' in on that take, but I ran out of breath.
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