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Title divine - is mine! by Emily Dickinson


"Title divine - is mine!" is a poem written by Emily Dickinson. This poem is about how the author feels like a wife, even though she isn't one. She feels like a Royal, but without the crown. However, when you hold Gold against Gold they look the same. But the poem takes a turn when she states, "Born - Bridalled - Shrouded - / In a Day - Tri Victory". She feels as if she was born, wed, and died all in the same day through not truly being married. But why is that a victory? The only connection would be religion. They are part of the seven sacraments. She ends by asking "Is this - the way?" Perhaps she is feeling as if she is going against God since she isn't married.

This is a one stanza poem with fifteen lines. Dickinson wrote this in couplet rhymes.

Johnson number: 1072


Title divine - is mine!

Title divine - is mine!
The Wife - without the Sign!
Acute Degree - conferred on me -
Empress of Calvary!
Royal - all but the Crown!
Betrothed - without the swoon
God sends us Women -
When you - hold - Garnet to Garnet -
Gold - to Gold -
Born - Bridalled - Shrouded -
In a Day -
Tri Victory
"My Husband" - women say -
Stroking the Melody -
Is this - the way? 

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19th Century

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