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I sing to use the Waiting by Emily Dickinson


"I sing to use the Waiting" is a poem written by Emily Dickinson. This writing is about her waiting for her love to come home. She closes herself into her house after the long day, so she can sit down and write to tell her love how she "sung" that day (meaning, what she did to keep busy). She does this to "keep the dark away", which means to not be sad.

This poem is written as only two stanzas with four lines in each. Dickinson rhymes the second with the fourth line in each stanza. She uses her normal style writing in pairs with the first of the pair longer than the other.

Johnson number: 850


I sing to use the Waiting

I sing to use the Waiting
My bonnet but to tie,
And close the door unto my house
No more to do have I

'Till his best step approaching,
We journey to the day,
And tell each other how we sung
To keep the dark away.

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