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I know a place where Summer strives by Emily Dickinson


"I know a place where Summer strives" is a poem by Emily Dickinson. In this writing, "Summer" is personified as a woman who feels lost when fall and winter come. However, when spring becomes to come and she feels renewed. The poem is about the cycle of life and how it is neverending.

This poem is made up of three stanzas with four lines in each. It contains the rhyme scheme ABCB throughout it with a perfect rhyme for the B lines. The second and fourth lines contian six syllables while the first and third contain eight. It is written in iambic-quadrameter and iambic-triameter.

Johnson number: 337


I know a place where Summer strives

I know a place where Summer strives
With such a practised Frost -
She - each year - leads her Daisies back -
Recording briefly - "Lost" -

But when the South Wind stirs the Pools
And struggles in the lanes -
Her Heart misgives Her, for Her Vow -
And she pours soft Refrains

Into the lap of Adamant -
And spices - and the Dew -
That stiffens quietly to Quartz -
Upon her Amber Shoe -

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