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"Go tell it" - What a Message by Emily Dickinson


'"Go tell it" - What a Message' is a poem by Emily Dickinson about telling the person we love how we feel. "Thermopylae" is a reference to the "Battle of Termopylae" which is known to most people today as the last stand for the 300 Spartans against the Persians.

This is a short one stanza poem with only eight lines. It doesn't have a consistent meter structure or syllables. However, it does rhyme the second and fourth lines.

Johnson number: 1554


"Go tell it" - What a Message

"Go tell it" - What a Message -
To whom - is specified -
Not murmur - not endearment -
But simply - we - obeyed -
Obeyed - a Lure - a Longing?
Oh Nature - none of this -
To Law - said sweet Thermopylae
I give my dying Kisas -

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19th Century

Nature, Love

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