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why did you go by E.E. Cummings


"why did you go" is a poem about a child's cat that possibly died. The author is asking "why did you go?", "where did you go?", and "maybe asleep?". This suggests the child perhaps doesn't understand or is trying to deny what has happened to his beloved pet.

In this poem, Cummings puts his mind inside a child's and comes out with a brilliant piece of writing. He didn't use his dada template, but he did use lowercase letters and his great imagination to write this. It is a great example of Cummings' large arsenal of poetic talent.


why did you go

why did you go
little fourpaws?
you forgot to shut
your big eyes.

where did you go?
like little kittens
are all the leaves
which open in the rain.

little kittens who
are called spring,
is what we stroke
maybe asleep?

do you know? or maybe did
something go away
ever so quietly
when we weren't looking.

Published in The Dial, .

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Literary Movement
Modernism, 19th Century

Animal, Children

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