Poem of Quotes 2018 English Education Website Awards

Welcome to The Poem of Quotes 2018 Website Awards for the best English language education websites of the year.

We went through hundreds of websites, and our readers selected these sites as the best of the best. They are definitely worth a bookmark.

Category: English Educator Resources

Site: has dozens of exercises and activities to help teach grammar, pronunciation, and more. The site is extremely easy to use and navigate.

Our readers' favorite post was a list of resources to for the TOEIC exam. This is a site that can fit into multiple categories, but we think it fits best here.

Site: Crawling Out of the Classroom

In addition to providing close up pics of this teacher's diagrams and charts, this blog also offers up some insights into general topics such as "What I Do Not Want to Hear Anymore." We truly enjoyed this teacher's juxtaposition of resources with perspective.

Site: Fun to Teach ESL

We didn't know which category tro put this site into, since it spans multiple. But we ended it up putting it in teaching resources, because it is so helpful as a teaching resource.

Written by Lori, a 5th grade teacher, this blog offers a number of great formal tools to teachers of English. As an example, right off the bat, Lori explains the vocabulary of English language teaching, including terms such as syntax and phonology.

Additionally, Lori also provides a close up view of several charts and diagrams that she finds to be particularly useful in teaching.

The blog also provides links to freebies and free tools that come in handy to those of us who are teaching on a budget.

Site: The Book Designer

The book designer is a great source for writers who want to self-publish books. It covers everything from self-publishing to book design to marketing.

Even things like typography are covered in depth. If you have poems or other writing that you would like to self-publish, this is a great site to read.

Site: Literary Rambles

Literary Rambles is all about children's books.

The site spotlights new authors and books; it also helps authors get published. If you've ever wondered how to get a manuscript published, how to find agents, or how to contact publishing companies, this is the site for you.

Site: So, You Think You Can Teach ESL?

This is another great ESL teaching resource that fits into multiple categories.  The site is a must-read for teachers.

Site: This Geeky Teacher

"This Geeky Teacher" is another site that can fit into multiple categories. The site is filled with excellent activities and pre-made materials for educators.

Not only are the materials on the site excellent, they're also beautifully designed. Some of the coolest materials on the site are PPT board games which can be printed out or played on a projector in class.

Category: English student resources

Site: April Davila Storyteller

April Davila provides a lot of content on writing.

Not only are there excellent daily posts on different writing topics, such as book writing, but there is one resource that we find ourselves returning to all the time: a grammar review booklet.

This is a good site to bookmark and return to often.

Site: The Tattooed Book Geek

Although not the traditional type of teaching blog, this site is useful if you're leading an English class full of high schoolers since it offers a number of reviews of unique reads.

The site includes genres such as horror, post-apocalyptic fiction or thrillers; but, if you're trying to encourage a class of willful teenagers to read, it might be wise to consider pushing them in a direction that they are already so inclined.

Site: A+ Excellent

What's unique about Evaggellia's blog is that she provides teachers with resources so that their students can use the internet to learn safely.  She also supplies a variety of infographics to explain issues in learning English. 

Site: Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals

This site is just what it claims to be. It helps students practice grammatical concepts using film.

On the site, students watch clips of different popular films and then complete grammar exercises based on the clips. For instance, there is an exercise about the animated movie "Moana" that allows students to learn can vs must.

Site: Be Bulldog Readers

This blog approaches reading with the enthusiasm that it should, offering recommendations to readers as young as 8 years and as old as 18 years of age.

We have to say, we picked up a few interesting finds ourselves, including "Babymouse: Tales from the Locker." If books had personified animals into teenagers more, perhaps we would have read more during our preteen years.

Category: ESL/EFL resources


This site is authored by an expert who's gleaned quite a bit of experience with ESL and ESOL resources through her travels around the world. Not only can its author, Rachael Roberts, claim to have spent time in places like Egypt, but also Portugal and Brazil.

What our readers really appreciated about "elt-resourceful" is that Rachael provides downloadable lesson materials to teachers.

Site: Learning to Speak 'Merican

This is a great site for those who are either teaching English as a second language or studying English as a second language.

It offers tips and tricks for navigating the challenges of learning to speak English -- a must-read for anyone who is new to the country!

Site: ELT Planning

This site not only provides a number of useful tools for teaching English, but it also engages the reader with several insights on teaching. For instance, what are the stages of making a lesson plan? The author takes you into his mind.

We noticed the site is interactive as well, given that the author often posts responses to comments. We also appreciated that the site is aimed at new teachers.

Site: Mary's English Blog

"Mary's English Blog" contains dozens of lessons that anyone can use to learn or practice English.  The site is especially helpful for understanding parts of speech, but it also contains many interesting resources, such as songs for learning English.

Site: Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day

Educator Larry Ferlazzo has written several books on ESL and other English education topics.  His site contains many posts that focus on education in general, but our favorite posts are the ones with exercises and themes.

Site: Joy of ESL

"Joy of ESL" and its companion site "" provide a goldmine of tools, worksheets, tips, and templates for ESL educators.

The sites include plenty of free, downloadable content that an educator can use in class or assign for homework. The site also includes printable posters and infographics for the classroom.


Henrick Oprea offers a personalized approach toward teaching the English language.

Rather than being a repository of resources, Oprea offers reflection on the topic of teaching English as a language as well as education in general. For those of us who are truly passionate about learning, this blog is truly thought-provoking.


"IELTSFORFREE" is another great resource for lessons and practice tests.  There are dozens of practice tests, as well as listening, reading, speaking, and writing lessons.  The site even includes video tutorials.


"ELT-CATION" is an excellent site for ELT instructors.

The site contains plenty of resources, such as lesson plans, activities, and tips. Our readers' favorite part of the site is the "lesson plans and activities" section, which contains complete lesson plans for educators to use.


The website is another great resource for educators.  It provides resources, lesson plans, and ideas.  Our readers loved the activities, which are great for a classroom.  

Site: ELT Experiences

ELT Experiences follows an educator who has taught for over a decade, with experience teaching all over the world.

The site contains tips and lesson plans, as well as stories from the field. The site has some great reviews of books for ELT students and teachers, which we definitely recommend.

Category: General Educational Resources

Site: Connected Teaching and Learning

It's clear a lot of thought has gone into "Connected Teaching and Learning," since the author, Ann Michaelsen, not only offers up lessons plans to teachers but also offers a perspective on technology and its role in educating. Ann discusses the importance of digital learning, as well as recent political events and teachers' roles in educating their students about such news (e.g.

Scotland's perspective on Brexit).

Site: Ashleigh's Education Journey

What we really enjoyed about Ashleigh's blog is that it's a fairly comprehensive guide to teaching. For instance, whether you're looking for resources to teach social studies or biology, you're sure to find it on Ashleigh's Education Journey.

In addition, Ashleigh takes you through her experience teaching various topics such as numbers or space -- even how she decorates her classroom.

Site: Authentic Inquiry Maths

Authentic Inquiry Math is a space in which to acquire resources for for teaching more sophisticated math concepts such as proportional reasoning sequences and fractions.

What's particularly cool about this blog, however, is Bruce's use of puzzle exercises, legos and other tools to illustrated more difficult concepts.

If you're looking for creative ways to explain things to your students, this is definitely the place to look!

Site: Edutech for Teachers

Jamie is an instructional technology specialist at a school district in PA and uses her expertise to great effects in this interesting blog. The content features ways that teachers can use digital media and technology to complement teaching more traditional subject matter in the classroom.

As an example, Jamie focuses one entry around the use of a texting tool that enables students to create fake text message conversations between historical figures or characters from literature.

Site: Mathematical Poetry

We chose this site because one of the premises of Poem of Quotes is that it's possible to find poetry in anything. This is one of the few blogs we've come across that might hold a lot of value for teaching high school students or those individuals who have a more sophisticated understanding of math. In the blog, the author uses mathematical expressions as expressions for poetic metaphor.

However, Kazmier, also discusses other interesting aspects of math including mathematical visual poems and illustrations of Hamilton's equation. A true gem for those of us who are mathematics and poetry aficionados.