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Cute Thanksgiving Poems for Kids

Thanksgiving is a magical day for everyone. The meals, the family time, and especially saying things for everything we have. This holiday isn't just for adults. There are many great activities for kids, too. Here are some cute short poems specifically for them.

"Turkey, Turkey"

Turkey, turkey
you're good to eat
Turkey, turkey
I love your meat.
Turkey, turkey
with stuffing.
Turkey, turkey
with gravy.
Turkey, turkey

"Mom and Dad"

Thank you, mom and dad,
for everything this year.
You gave me food,
you gave me clothes,
you gave me shelter,
you gave me time.
Thank you, mom and dad.

"Gobble, Gobble"

Gobble, gobble
with your beak
Gobble, gobble
with your feet
Gobble, gobble
with your wings
Gobble, gobble
with your eyes

"Is it stuffing?"

What is that
in the bowl?
What is that
brown and green?

What is that
next to the mashed potatoes?
What is that
stuck in the turkey?

Is it stuffing?

Poems written by Gary R. Hess

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