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St. Patrick's Day Poems

St. Patrick's day is a feast celebrated yearly on March 17 (except when it lands on Catholic spiritual holidays). St. Patrick, aka St. Paddy, is the patron saint of Ireland and is celebrated by wearing green, drinking green beer (usually Guiness, but sometimes substituted with Irish whiskey or Baileys Irish cream), and eating Irish food. Traditionally, those who don't wear green are pinched on St. Patrick's day.

A dash of red, a dash of green,
a dash of the ole gaelic scene.
Shamrocks, beer, and Irish cheer,
St. Paddy's day is once a year.
Bagpipes blaring and kilts a-wearing
It's the greatest time of year.
Shamrocks guided the faith of Patrick
without the gene of Irish-kin.
When ol' Paddy's been adopted
the clovers gained a lucky fourth.

Poems written by Gary R. Hess

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