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Cute Halloween Poems for Kids

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It isn't so much about trick or treating (too old), or the candy (can't eat too much of that anymore), or scaring kids (not enough kids trick or treat here). It is about the feeling! The horror, the scaryness, the pumpkins, the movies, the quotes, the poetry. It's all part of a great time.

Below are some great cute Halloween poems for kids.

"Goblins, Ghouls, Ghosts"

Goblins, ghouls, ghosts
which one scares you the most?
Screaming, scratching, slithering;
goblins paving way.
Wiggling, wobbling, warbling;
ghouls chasing strays.
Humming, hissing, hurting;
ghosts coming way.
Which one scares you the most?

"Halloween, Halloween"

Halloween Halloween,
dressing up's my favorite thing;
although the next is at my door,
with children coming to explore.

Been waiting for this day all year,
to hear the children laugh and cheer.
Halloween gives me more,
than what I have ever asked for.

"Trick or Treat"

Trick or treat,
give me something good to eat.
Crackers, fruit will not do --
give me candy, I want two!
Candy, candy give me four.
Candy, candy I want more!

Poems written by Gary R. Hess

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