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Cute Easter Poems for Children

Easter is a great time for kids. Easter egg hunts, family, and food. What could be better? I know! Some poetry. Below are some poems written by Gary R. Hess.

"Bunny Rabbit, Bunny Rabbit"

Bunny rabbit, bunny rabbit
Where have you been?
I waited and waited
to find your egg

"Hide them"

Why do you hide them, so I can't find them?
In the strangest places they turn up.
Under a tree, I found one.
Beside a rock, I found two.
But never one in a nest.
Never two in a hole.
Never did I think you would be so cruel.

"Day of sacrifice"

Two days before today you sacrificed,
your body and blood for our sins.
When you returned you showed us,
the way to forgiveness and happiness.

Poems written by Gary R. Hess

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